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Taking The Queen To Medieval Times

July 27, 2015

#MedievalTimesCA raisedbyculture.comThat’s my mama. She turned 61 this year. Way back when I was a wee one, I didn’t understand her and swore I’d be nothing like her. And then I got older and see her in my parenting sometimes. I wouldn’t have it any other way actually. I made a promise back when she got diagnosed with cancer that we would see her every year. This year she came out for my firstborn’s (her first grandchild) graduation and was here till after her birthday. We celebrated her birthday last year too. It is tradition now. The pressure is on to top each year cause my mama kicked cancer to the curb. So what do you for the queen? You take her to the castle. Medieval Times Buena Park, that is.

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Welcome Home Mama

July 27, 2015

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I’m ready for some downtime. I knew this year would be crazy with my oldest son entering 12th grade. His senior year took center stage: senior portraits, college applications, prom and finally graduation. Add to our running list of major life events: helping my parents plan their trip out here for his graduation. My parents haven’t been back “home” in California for over 8 years. We went back and forth on flights, hotels and schedule at least 10 times. Let’s just say thank goodness my next one won’t be graduating till 2017. It got rough when I had to commit to working almost non-stop before my family arrived from Texas. All I could see at the end of the tunnel was spending good, quality time with everyone.

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On The Go With Omie

July 25, 2015

#SoMuchMore raisedbyculture.comI used baby products by JOHNSON’S® to care for my little one as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore

We’re kinda lucky where we live. The elotero (the vendor that sells elotes, raspados and other Mexican treats from his cart) shows up in our courtyard. The neighborhood produce truck is only two blocks away. He’s there seven days a week, about ten hours a day. Mostly when it’s daylight. I never want to move cause we got it like that. When Duke was in kindergarten, we would take a detour to get ice cream sandwiches after school. It was our thing. Now that Omie is a little older but not yet in school, we venture out on days when he’s good, for ice cream. He loves the walk, holding daddy’s hand and telling me about the ice cream we’re going to get. I live for days like these.

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Montejo, Manny Mota + Mariachi

July 7, 2015

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You can’t visit Dodger Stadium and not fall in love with one of LA’s most iconic landmarks. I went to my first game a few months ago and it was love at first sight. The historic ballpark is home to Hall of Famers, no-hitters, MVPs and Cy Young Award winners. And since 2014, home to Montejo, the official beer sponsor of the ballpark. Beer and baseball, the perfect match. So when you get an invite to attend a tailgate dinner on the field prepared by Chef Eddie Ruiz of Corazón y Miel, you don’t say no. You thank the Universe and start a countdown clock. This would soon be my favorite night of summer, celebrating my new favorite M’s: Montejo, Manny Mota + Mariachi.

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Where’s The 7th Minion?

July 1, 2015

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#The7thMinion raisedbyculture.comI don’t want to say I’m a sucker for free toys but I am. A little backstory, love story: the fascination started when I was a kid in the 80s. I was the first child and grandchild so I pretty much had free reign. There were days my parents would drop me off at nana’s house (cause work) and I’d raid cereal boxes for the free prize. Those were the days. I legit looked forward to being at grandma’s house cause toys + cereal. My grandma was cool like that. I have vivid memories of toys on the front of cereal boxes and waiting patiently that whole car ride home to dig in and find out what I got. I wanted that for my kids! The thing is, I always assumed my children would have that same experience but for whatever reason, I got older and toys completely disappeared from cereal.

My kids with their eagle eyes don’t let anything get past them. The toddler screamed “Mom! Wook!” when we cruised past this endcap at Walmart. And just like that, toys made it back in cereal boxes. There are 7 Minions inside specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal. My boy won’t stop until we have all 7 in our possession.
#The7thMinion raisedbyculture.comGuess what? We got doubles! Where is the 7th Minion?! He’s a prehistoric one and can only be found at Walmart!
#The7thMinion raisedbyculture.com1 down, 6 to go!
#The7thMinion raisedbyculture.comHere’s 5 Minions right here! Stuart, Omie, Kevin, Duke & Bob. My minions for sure. Except I’m not that evil and they are looking for a new evil boss. Sorry guys, you’ll have to find someone else!
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This Is The Next Chapter of California Pizza Kitchen

June 26, 2015

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That right there is the new Maine Lobster Flatbread from the new Next Chapter menu at California Pizza Kitchen. It is easily in the top 3 new favorite foods I ate this year. It is absolutely lovely on your eyes and on your tongue. We were tempted to order it again for dessert. I strategically put that picture first to draw you in. For my next trick, I’m going to mesmerize you with seasonal dishes, locally sourced ingredients and globally inspired flavors. And that’s exactly what the Next Chapter at CPK is. Continue Reading…

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Summer Fun in SoCal #FiOSConnectsFamilies

June 24, 2015

Remember last month when I teamed up with FiOS SoCal to bring you the FiOS SoCal Experience at Fiesta Hermosa? The good folks at Verizon know me and know I like fun so I’m super excited to partner up with them this month to kick off the Verizon FiOS SoCal Summer Fun Sweepstakes!

Enter today through July 19, 2015 at FiOSSoCal.com and you can earn an extra contest entry when you share your favorite summer activity using #FiOSConnectsFamilies. Prize includes a four pack admission to a Southern California amusement park! Two winners will be selected!

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Smart & Final Whittier Grand Opening

June 22, 2015

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On the corner of Whittier Blvd. and Greenleaf lives a brand new, super shiny Smart & Final. The community absolutely showed up to celebrate the Whittier Grand Opening. You have to love store grand openings cause freebies, amazing deals (see below) and the excitement of it all. It is my favorite. I’ll show you how the store is the perfect place to do your one stop shopping – everything from produce to meats. Smart & Final carries warehouse size items without a club fee, making shopping easy, less expensive and less daunting to shop in than a big warehouse store. For the remainder of 2015, Smart & Final is scheduled open 16 additional Smart & Final Extra! stores including three store conversions. Continue Reading…


Bath Time With Daddy

June 19, 2015

I used JOHNSON’S® to care for my little one as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore
#SoMuchMore raisedbyculture.comWhen dad gives a bath, it’s a celebration. A bonafide invitation to good times and the toddler knows this. This baby never says no. It starts with dad drawing the perfect bath and yelling out, “who wants to take a bath?” Without skipping a beat, my littlest one Omie starts running around picking out his favorite toys. Hands full and happy, he reports right to the bathroom. I hear those laughs and stick my head in the door. Dad is the master of bubble baths. He takes his time, growing a floating mass of bubbles. Playing is taken to another level and generally gets to have all the fun. And I’m okay with that. Bath time is bonding time and any time Omie can get one-on-one time with daddy makes me jealous. Just kidding. I share.

JOHNSON’S® baby bubble bath is our favorite. Big bubbles and NO MORE TEARS® makes for all the fun. Gentle enough to use once a day, just add water! And maybe a rubber ducky. There is never a wrong time for a bath!

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