Urban Gardening with Kids

May 12, 2015

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#RaisingGoodApples raisedbyculture.comMy mom loves gardening. My aunts love gardening. Me? Not so much. The green thumb gene missed my generation or maybe just me. My papa actually wanted me or one of my cousins to make a career in agriculture. Not that I don’t like plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs… cause I have tried and failed. There might have been tears. So now that my history is out there, I was in the courtyard of our complex with the kids a few weeks ago and we found a teeny tiny strawberry patch! It was the cutest thing ever. I never even knew that the small piece of dirt could produce such cuteness. We explored more and found tomatoes. Imagination into overdrive… ohhh the possibilities for our new urban gardening adventure with kids! The littles and I talked about having our own little garden they could eat from but where their plastic dinosaurs and mini-figs could live too. They were all for it! Here’s to raising good apples!

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Super Easy Modern Ojos Brooch

May 12, 2015

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#RegaloDeAmorPampers raisedbyculture.comI’m one of those women that can spend hours in the aisles of a craft store totally adoring all the cute craft goodness. But I am absolutely horrible at crafting. I really suck at it. All I have to show for my crafts are full drawers (and bank statements) of things I’ll make one day. My husband is better at crafting so I sometimes make him do the work! He even has a crafty nickname but I’ll save that story for another day. This Mother’s Day, Pampers is celebrating moms and the precious moments of love with their little ones by giving the Pampers Gift of Love to help families capture and cherish those loving moments with baby.

I wanted to create a modern look on ojos (eyes) pins. My mama insisted all my babies wear medallions (just like my siblings and I did when we were babies!) for the first few months after they were born to protect them. I’m not one to say no to a little protection so I crafted up this super easy modern ojos brooch, inspired by my recent love of crystals. All you need are some awesome beads, a charm or two and fancy safety pins. Arrange how you like and tada! Done! Easy enough for my level of crafting and stylish!

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Deseret Industries Thrift Store Fontana

May 11, 2015

#DIFINDS raisedbyculture.comThrift stores are my favorite. My love for thrifting started in the 90s when I was a teenager. My weekly allowance was $25. I didn’t think so at the time but my mom was generous with $5 a day for lunch. I learned how to stretch a dollar back then, I would make lunch and pocket the rest for shopping and fun. That’s when I learned the difference between thrift stores. Really really good ones are rare and those are almost always kept a secret. I know I have my share of secret thrift stores I don’t share with anyone. Because honestly, there is nothing better than a fresh, full one with good stock. When I heard Deseret Industries was opening a brand new one (built from the ground up with hand picked stock, also a donation center so please donate!) in Fontana, CA – I was there bright and early for the grand opening on May 7th. To put it in perspective, I live about an hour away without traffic. Nothing was going to keep me away!!!

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Brain Chase Giveaway

May 8, 2015

#BrainChase #AdventureLearning raisedbyculture.comThank you to #BrainChase for introducing #AdventureLearning to our family and our readers! All thoughts are my own.

I never thought of myself as an advocate for education but when it comes to my children and learning, I’m all for a fun approach. Especially during summer when they should be enjoying time off. When I first heard about Brain Chase, I was naturally curious how I could get my 9 year old to focus on doing work for five weeks. All I had to hear was “real summer treasure hunt” and I was in. My best summer memories were spent Goonies style with my cousins and their friends. This year’s Brain Chase challenge is to find the Sunstone of Cortés, a mysterious calendar stolen from the Aztec empire by Hernan Cortés in the 1500s. Kids join Mae Merriweather, her brother Max, athletic Sean Drake, and former nemesis Savannah Bryce to find the fictional Sunstone of Cortés… and the real one! Check out this video to see how the Sunstone of Cortés was made!

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Omar is Three

May 6, 2015

I never imagined life with four kids. I thought two would be it. It is so apparent in their age range. The oldest Tyler is 18 and graduates next month, Damien just celebrated his 16th birthday yesterday, Duke is 9 and Omar is three. I wish I was young enough to pop out one more baby. Life is crazy like that. I am without question their devoted and doting mama. I give them space to be independent but just enough to step in if I have to. I pick and choose fights (but I’m far from a sucker) cause above anything, their happiness is my happiness. You know what happiness is to a toddler? Pretend City. A little town of fun things to do! My favorite: The no cellphone policy. Their favorite: Everything. Seriously. We had to carry Omar out crying. But he slept on the way home so it was all good. We were at Pretend City Children’s Museum for a good 4 hours and still had things to do. We’ll definitely be back.

Pretend City
29 Hubble
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 428-3900

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Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Role-Play Day

May 4, 2015

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I left for a trip on Wednesday. Friday comes around, I call home and my husband Chris mentions that our sons want to see Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and he might take them on Sunday. I get home on Saturday and my nine year old son Duke tells me, “Mom! Avengers is in theaters NOW“. The toddler runs in and screams, “HULK HULK HULK!” so what happened was… I wanted time with my babies since I just got home from being away for three days so I surprised them with a day at the park! They had no idea I had an arsenal of toys awaiting them. Fresh from Hasbro, the new hero-sized toy line featuring Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron electronic action figures, role-play items and playsets!

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2015 Honda CR-V: Space For Dreams

April 29, 2015


I got in to Phoenix hours ago and I’m just settling in, going over my day in my mind. The road trip took about five hours but with good conversation, a prime spot in the backseat and just the general excitement of the journey, it went by crazy fast. It triggered a flood of memories of the times I’ve spent in the car with my family. All of our daily drives to the long road trips… I haven’t even been gone a day and I miss them but I’m here, right where I should be, because I chased a dream. A dream, years in the making, that started happening when I’d pass somewhere and think to myself, hey I want to be there! I want to do that! I need my kids to know that living (real living) is when you dream. No dream is too big! The 2015 Honda CR-V Space for Dreams commercial had me in tears over the little girl.

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My Favorite Baby Bath Time Hairdos

April 27, 2015

I used JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo to care for my little one as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore

My baby is finally 3. I don’t know why this birthday was more rough on me than his first birthday and birthday #2. It has to be because he’s two years closer to being in kindergarten. You know how I can tell he’s getting older besides the obvous? His hair is changing! I love my baby boy with long hair (my husband doesn’t, that’s why his hair isn’t long right now), he lets me grab at it but he draws the line when I try to make a ponytail. I get my fix during bath time…when his hair is soft and easier to work with. I get to enjoy bath time just as much as he does. Bath time is so much more than an opportunity to clean your child. It’s special time where parents can nurture happy, healthy child development.

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How To Throw An Epic Avengers Party

April 25, 2015

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#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comMy life is a daily series of BAM! POW! HULK SMASH! I’m not saying it because I’m complaining, I’m just saying. I love being a mom of boys. We live for adventures. My littles are super excited about MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we haven’t been to the movies in forever and every time the commercial comes on, they go crazy. Absolutely crazy! The last shopping trip to Walmart triggered even more insanity cause it is Avengers everywhere!!! There is even an app called Super Heroes Assemble that you can use in the store – you just look for MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron displays, scan and unlock the features of the app! (Read more about the app here)

Seeing all of MARVEL’s The Avengers on bags and boxes up and down the aisles in the food department, the rad toy display…I totally promised I’d throw them an epic watch party. Which one is your favorite: Iron Man 1, 2, 3; Captain America 1 & 2; Thor 1 & 2; The Incredible Hulk, or MARVEL’s The Avengers.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comWalmart hack: Custom order cupcakes. Easier than having to deal with cake (you’ll need a knife to cut the cake, plates and forks – why hassle?) These were only $6 for a dozen. Red, white and blue nod to Captain America!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comProtect the snack table, Thor!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comEasy party decor hack: Find a cheap vase, throw in MARVEL’s The Avengers branded snacks and use Iron Man as a prop.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comFood hack: Buy a few pepperoni pizzas, rearrange the pepperonis to make it look like the A in MARVEL’s The Avengers. The kids thought this was super cool.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comScience hack: Green gelatin in faux petri dishes. Before the gelatin sets, add a Hulk fruit snack. Insta-Hulk Blood!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comDIY hack: My crafty husband painted these incredible buildings from my vision. Another kids favorite. They climbed in and out of the “buildings”, we taped them up so they could stack them like a skyscraper and let them Hulk smash them and Thor hammer ‘em. Hours of fun. Best idea I’ve had!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comThe kids were absolutely amused with the buildings.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comEveryone wanted to be Hulk.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comSophie wanted to be Hulk.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comLily wanted to be Hulk.

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