Tacos San Pedro


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we’ve passed this place a million times but it looked like a bad, BAD hole in the wall.  the area it’s in is pretty sketchy too so that was another negative.  it always looks busy so i should’ve listened to the food network host inside me and given it a chance.  we went on saturday after an adventure at the cypress college swap meet – the tables were all taken and there was a mix of different cultures enjoying lunch.  i chalked it up to another positive sign of good food. i wanted carnitas with rice & beans but didn’t see it on the menu so C asked if they could do that type of plate, yes.  C ordered a carne asada burrito with a side of rice and we decided to split a can of coke.  our total was about $14 and some change.  we went to stand near the door to wait for our order when a table opened up and we grabbed it, 10 minutes later our number was called and our plates looked SOOO GOOD.  the mexican rice was so good, orange in color and full of flavor – it was so fresh too.  the beans were just as good.  my carnitas were tender and not old, greasy or charred like i’ve had at other places.  i don’t mind burnt ends but this was without, it was excellent.  C loved the rice too, we couldn’t stop talking about it.  his burrito was huge and full of carne asada, they don’t skimp on meat.  the carne asada looked fresh too – the way all food should be. i have been craving tacos san pedro since last week but we haven’t been back.  i guarantee you more trips will be in the future.  AND if you know me, i usually read yelp reviews before trying a new place out but i didn’t this time – in fact, i just checked yelp before i decided to blog about it and can co-sign the positive reviews. TACOS SAN PEDRO 3240 W. Lincoln Avenue Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 484-0802 Tacos San Pedro. Anaheim, CA

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