Business as usual.

My life is always busy. I think everyone (especially family & friends) assumes that because I’m always on Social Media that I’m not working on thangs…

Last week, the week of my due date, I had an appointment with my college Counselor to discuss updating my Educational Plan. I changed from transferring to a CSU because of the impending enrollment freeze and tuition raise to obtaining my AA and declaring my official major as Marketing. Because of this change, some classes I’m in the process of taking weren’t worth anything, just fluff on my transcript and a complete waste of time. I left her office in a daze wondering what could I do to make this work for me? So last night, I went back to see my Counselor again and decided on declaring a double major. The dreaded Business Management degree. I have been in the business long enough to know that this career is in my blood but I really don’t care for it – I just wanted it to be official and on paper. So now, God Willing, I’ll be done with school in a year to 18 months and then we can move on with our life plan!

Yesterday I had another checkup, still dilated only 1.5cm and no contractions so I am scheduled to be induced this Saturday. I’m trying to be optimistic that he shows up on his own. I was induced with my oldest 2 and I didn’t like it. I’ve been given tons of advice by family & friends: Have sex, eat spicy food, walk, do squats, try castor oil
With my baby’s date in place, I got cracking on assignments and exams. I was so productive today and now we’re back to the waiting game.

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