Loving:  My life.  I finally feel I’m where I need to be.  I can’t explain it in this post so I’ll save it for another one.

Thinking About: Shopping! When I was a teenager I used to hit thrift stores and yard sales like crazy. I didn’t get back into it till last year and it’s been so good to us. Still haven’t made it out to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena and it makes me sad. I can’t stop thinking about the stuff I might find.  It is addicting.

Anticipating: Still anticipating the birth of our baby. I will be induced tomorrow at 9am.  I was induced with my oldest two.  I had a checkup on Ty’s due date and the Dr. said I was leaking amniotic fluid for a couple days.  I wasn’t having contractions so we needed to get him out.  I got the pitocin drip and it was a long process, I wasn’t a fan.  With Dame, he was 10 days overdue and again, I had to be induced.  Because the Dr. waited so long to induce him, they kept him for 5 days for observation, I was devastated that I couldn’t go home with my baby.  Again, I wasn’t a fan.  Now Duke, I went into labor on his due date.  I don’t know how I did it but I made spaghetti for dinner that night, was feeling fine and then my contractions came on strong.  I still took the time to take a shower and then we rushed to the Hospital.  I think I was only in labor for 6 hours, Duke wanted out!  I kept hoping this little would change his mind but it’s looking like his date with destiny is set tomorrow.  I can’t wait.  We are all so excited!  
Sidenote* This will be the first time I’ve ever been away from Duke and for at least 2 days!   

Listening To:  The hum of the air conditioner in the living room, the rattle of blinds in our room and Curious George on TV.

Eating: My husband and I had, what probably is going to be our last dates for awhile, lunch out yesterday and today.  Yesterday he wanted Sam Woo and today I wanted Tacos San Pedro. I don’t know if it’s because I am pregnant but the food at both places were exceptionally good.  Nothing worse than feeding a very anxious pregnant woman some awful food!  

We order a la carte at Sam Woo – Yesterday was Chicken Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork and Beef and Broccoli.  

At Tacos San Pedro, I got a Carne Asada Plate.

Wishing: BlogHer was in San Diego this year instead of New York.  I love New York but the expenses and dates away from my newborn are just impossible.  I really love connecting with fellow bloggers and hoped that I would get to meet more this year.  Last year I barely got my feet wet and this year I feel like I’m really ready to take it on.      

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