Thrifted Art for under $5


Good art is hard to find while thrifting.  Most art collectors hold onto pieces forever or sell them (rather than donate) so if you come across a good piece, buy it.  Buy it even if you have second thoughts because I guarantee if you leave the store, it will always be on your mind.

We used to have a rule about not buying art or pictures but I fell in love with an original painting that I could not pass up and now I’m always on the hunt for paintings, prints, figures and frames.

Our price point is $5 and under, we usually won’t spend more than $10 on frames, art or figures.  It would have to be an amazing piece to break our rule.  

Even if you can’t find a work of art – try upcycling.  Use Pinterest to inspire you!

What type of art and figures do you collect?   

I found this framed, signed and numbered Todd Bratrud print at Goodwill.
Thrifted art
This framed, signed and numbered print by John Luke Eastman was actually 50% off!  One of my new faves in our collection!
Thrifted art
This is an original painting by EIKO – I haven’t been able to find any information online or from friends so if you know anything, let me know!  I love it more than everyone else in our family – was a steal at only $4!
Thrifted art
Another original painting – it wasn’t signed so I have no information on the artist but I love it just the same! I think it was $2-3.
Thrifted art
I’m a huge fan of ornate frames – this plastic one caught my eye!  Was only .98
Thrifted art
I don’t care for cats but I’m a huge fan of white ceramic figures.  It’s a great size and was only $1.99
Thrifted white figures
This was a double score – white ceramic figure and Our Lady of Guadalupe!  I love religious figures but very picky on which ones I buy.
Thrifted white figures
Found this at Goodwill too.  It’s a framed print but have no information on the artist – looks vintage.  So adorable!

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