#GiveEmRagu Commercial Starring Omie & Duke!


Watch Duke & Omie’s super cute Ragu commercial and then I’ll tell you how to make one too.  Its easy and fun!  

This Holiday Season you can play filmmaker and create your own commercial starring your kids with Ragu’s Give ’em Ragu app on Facebook, iTunes and Google Play.  Inspired by the brand’s Long Day of Childhood campaign, parents select adorable, hilarious or silly photos or videos from mobile phones, Facebook or Instagram, add a title and using that phrase, the app will pair the video with an original Ragu jingle. The video can then be shared with family and friends through Facebook or YouTube, and is a great way to connect and share a laugh.

Give ’em Ragu app on Facebook

My thoughts:  I was raised on Ragu and now I use Ragu with my family so I was excited for this app.  I used the Give ’em Ragu app on Ragu’s Facebook page, I had no idea how many pictures I could upload but did 20+ and the app only allowed 6-7 pictures.  I added my title and in a couple minutes, my video was ready.  I laughed at the jingle.  It was cute and sorta/kinda went with the pictures.  I made a couple videos including one with video (use a 15 second video) but this was my favorite jingle.  I think its a cute idea, my littles will appreciate their “commercial” when they get older.  I keep watching it and I think in a few more days, I’ll have the jingle memorized!  I love when a brand creates something fun for their consumers!    

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts are my own.

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