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There are a million ways to do Los Angeles and having lived in Southern California for over 26 years, I hate to admit that there are still things I haven’t seen, done or ate yet!  That is the beauty of this city, everyone has a different, priceless version!  There is always an adventure, I love this city!

Family and friends from out of state have visited California over the years and we always play tour guide.  We love playing tour guide, I think we’re awesome at it.  One of our ways to do LA and my favorite is our traditional Sunday Funday – we start off at the Hollywood Farmers Market, order lunch from one of the many vendors, grab a spot on a community table and just enjoy the beauty in the food and people.  Checking out music, sampling fruits and getting fresh squeezed orange juice are other farmers market musts.  Sometimes we peek in at the shops at Space 15 Twenty which is right next to the market.  There’s an Urban Outfitters and one Sunday Funday we saw Mr. Brainwash looking at a pair of Adidas.  Random, right?  Next door is Hennessey + Ingalls – an incredible bookstore with amazing titles.  Across the street is Amoeba Music, one of the last standing music stores!  One afternoon we lucked out and watched Peanut Butter Wolf spin a live set.  The area is also known for Nike Montalbán, Iguana Vintage, The Pantages Theatre, W Hollywood, Katsuya.

After eating, we venture out to see art and shop!  My favorite museum is LACMA.  We recently checked out the Stanley Kubrick exhibit.  One of my favorite directors, he definitely understands the art of making a movie.  Our favorite galleries are Gallery 1988 and La Luz de Jesus at WACKO.  I never turn down visiting WACKO – it is a fantastic shop.  Next door is Ozzie Dots, a cool costume shop.  There is no shortage of places to eat/see/do.  The possibilities are endless – culture, adventure and discovery await you!

Will you wanderlust LA with me?  I guarantee you a priceless experience.


LA is diverse – Chicken Kabob plate from the Greek vendor!

#Priceless #SundayFunday

LA is art and film.  The Shining at Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA.

#Priceless #SundayFunday

LA is innovative.  Only a rock can bring so much fascination to a city!

#Priceless #SundayFunday

LA is random! Ran into tattoo artist Kat Von D outside one of my favorite stores!

Kat Von D

LA is fun, silly and full of personality.  LA is not shy!

i <3 Wacko.

LA is unique – forget red velvet cake, we do it blue velvet style!

blue velvet cake

LA is the city of dreams.


Disclosure:  I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and MasterCard #CBias #SocialFabric #LoveThisCity

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  1. I love LA! this post just made me miss it more. I remember selling parking to Harrison Ford and running into Tom Hanks at Ralphs. Just another day in LA. thanks for sharing. You are blessed to live in such a great city. 🙂

  2. I love that you and Chris have taken me on this experience more then once. LA truly is an exciting city with so much to do, see, and eat. You know my exact feelings for LA – It’s very close to my heart. Hoping to do this all over again next year with you guys!

    P.S. I have to try that blue velvet cake in 2013! I just have to LOL! <3

  3. LA is definitely AWESOME!!!! I love that place. I was just there last night and went to the Laugh House for the first time…it was fun and funny. I am such a touristy person I cant wait to get back up there to do some touristy attraction stuff. Definitely gotta check out that rock thing…looks cool 🙂

  4. Xenia, I wish I could LA through your eyes. Pictures are always so beautiful and your thrifting…AMAZING! Anyhow, can’t believe you ran into Kat Von D!

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