February 8, 2013

Six New Brands Exclusive To Target.com!

I love shopping.  Even if I don’t have money to splurge.  I guess back in the days we called it window shopping but how about when its done online?  Target.com is pushing the envelope by offering SIX brands exclusive to their site – these brands are unique and unexpected.  Definitely something to get excited for!
  • TOO by Blu Dot a collection of modern decor with a sense of humor.
  • Labworks a collection of women’s ready-to-wear for the stylish and polished fashion enthusiast.
  • Room 365 a collection of chic home items with modern prints and crisp colors. 
  • Zutano Blue a collection of clothing, bedding, and decor that celebrates the spirit of childhood. 
  • MudHut an eclectic collection of bedding, textiles and home accessories.
  • Boho Boutique an airy assortment of bedding, table linens, curtains, shower curtains and more.

Labworks in PLUS SIZE!  Love this dress!

Super cute baby stuff! 

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6 thoughts on “Six New Brands Exclusive To Target.com!

  1. Maribel Reyes

    Oh Target, how I love thee! Everything target makes me shop shop and shop… My son knows that Target has clothes, snacks and toys! dangerous that at 3 he already knows where to find it all!

  2. Maribel

    you’re right, that dress is great! I love Target. It’s a good thing I don’t have one nearby, otherwise I’d spend a lot more $. Online exclusives could spell trouble though…

  3. Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi

    Target is so dangerous. Every time I go with the intention of buying that “one” thing, I end up walking out with a shopping cart full of stuff I didn’t even know I needed. They were a big sponsor of Hispanicize last year with their LuxeLounge. It was a HIT.


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