Getting On The #FreshBus With Walgreens

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts are my own.
I was thrilled when I received an invite from Walgreens to check out The Up Market: Fresh Bus in Chicago.  The “Fresh Bus” is touring the US and giving out samples of items to celebrate Walgreens new fresh food offerings.  A fun trolley ride in the city and a picnic on the lake with this past season’s Biggest Loser Danni Allen, how could I say no?!  Because being late makes me a little crazy, I ventured out of my hotel 45 minutes early for a 5 minute walk.  I had no idea it was raining so stepped back inside and was able to borrow an umbrella from the concierge desk.  I have a lot of favorite moments from my trip to Chicago but walking in the rain in a new city is definitely something everyone should have on the life list.  It was refreshing.  I took it all in.  The rain on my face, the sights and sounds of the city.  I felt renewed, alive and inspired.  I was ready to learn about new fresh foods and sample fresh-made juices and smoothies, yogurt and coffees!!!  

I’m working on a post about my Chicago firsts – riding a trolley is definitely a first but a trolley hosted by Biggest Loser winner Danni Allen was very cool.  Really enjoyed hearing her speak about her experience on the show, changing her lifestyle and challenges she faced then and now.
Up Market Fresh Bus with Walgreens
Another first – cruising down the Magnificent Mile.
Up Market Fresh Bus with Walgreens
Lake Michigan!!!
Up Market Fresh Bus with Walgreens
The location on the lake was absolutely beautiful and we were greeted with delicious drinks and fruits.  My favorite juice – Tower Twist (Green Apple, Pineapple)

It was AMAZING and I had to get a big cup for the ride back to the hotel!

For my local readers – you can check out the Walgreens Flagship store in Hollywood for fresh food offerings!  It’s right on the corner of Hollywood and Vine!  

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  1. Your pictures just brought back so many memories from Chicago! So excited about the FreshBus hoping it comes to the East Coast if not already and can I say YUMMM green apple pineapple Juice wow!

  2. Chicago is such a fun city to visit. The trolley tour looked like a fun afternoon.. I remember seeing your pics from that day on instagram.. now it all makes sense! lol

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