Make An Online Commitment To Safe Driving #CelebrateMyDrive


Disclosure:  This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and State Farm. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve been talking about how important teen driver safety is on my blog for the past month now but I can’t emphasize enough how I didn’t just start here.  Talking about driver safety starts at home when your children are young and it continues.  And if you don’t have children, talk about it with your nieces and nephews!  We need to set the example and continue to practice it daily.  Creating positive habits will have young drivers truly thinking before driving!  You can practice what you preach by setting these rules:

  • Always buckle your seat belt before you start the car
  • Make sure all your passengers are buckle up
  • Avoid driving distracted (no eating, checking your phone, doing your makeup, etc.)
  • Don’t speed or tailgate
  • Don’t drive if you are angry or tired

I monitor my teens activity on social networks and just last week my 16 year old uploaded a video on Instagram of him and his friends dancing in one of their cars.  I commented with, “Make sure you are wearing your seatbelt” and he commented back with, “I know mom, I am”.  That was definitely a proud mom moment!   Can you promise me right now that you’ll make an online commitment to safe driving?  Safe driving saves lives!

For more information on teen driver safety including free tools, tips and resources designed to help teens and their parents throughout the learning-to-drive process, visit

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