November 27, 2013

My Minions Love Despicable Me 2

We are so excited for the dvd release of Despicable Me 2!  Waiting felt like forever and now we can watch it fifty times a day if we want to!  There was a little bit of a party here when the review copy and goodies came in… I had two of the happiest littles in the whole wide World!  Not only are we huge fans of the movie but the 3 Minion mini-movies were a big treat.  ”Puppy” is our favorite but who am I kidding… “Panic In The Mailroom” and “Training Wheels” are also our favorites – they are just so cute!  Without giving away the whole movie, Despicable Me 2 is about Gru adjusting to life as a dad, the girls growing up and Gru’s adventures now being the good guy.  We absolutely loved the Mexican villain El Macho.  I would tell you more but you should watch it – out on dvd on December 10th!              
Despicable Me 2Despicable Me 2
We are giving away a Despicable Me 2 Prize Pack to one lucky winner!  You will receive (1) Despicable Me 2 DVD (1) Minion Plush (1) Minion Beanie (it’s reversible!) and (1) Minion Pen
Despicable Me 2Despicable Me 2Despicable Me 2
I’m sharing my Despicable Me 2 folder with recipe cards and activity sheets, you can check it out here.

“Despicable Me 2 is the top box-office comedy of the year and is poised for spectacular success on home entertainment this holiday season,” said Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. “This adored franchise, with its iconic lovable Minions, stands apart from all others and is sure to be at the top of everyone’s wish list this December.”
Gru, his adorable girls, and the mischievous Minions are back with a cast of unforgettable new characters in the blockbuster sequel to the worldwide phenomenon.  Just as Gru has given up being super-bad to be a super-dad, the Anti-Villain League recruits him to track down a new criminal mastermind and save the world.   Partnered with secret agent Lucy Wilde, Gru, along with the wildly unpredictable Minions, must figure out how to keep his cover while also keeping up with his duties as a father.  Assemble the Minions for laugh-out-loud comedy in “one of the funniest, most enjoyable movies ever!” (MovieGuide®)

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22 thoughts on “My Minions Love Despicable Me 2

  1. Crystal

    We haven’t seen Despicable Me 2 yet, so I couldn’t tell you the name of a favorite minion. They all crack me up, though, and my boys (who am I kidding, my husband & I, too) would be thrilled to win this giveaway!

  2. ZuZu

    I can’t tell them apart, but I’m sure my children can. We like them all! The one that turns into a glow-in-the-dark light stick is pretty cool, though. :)


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