I’m At The OC Latina Moms & Surf And Sunshine!

So excited to share I’m a contributor at The OC Latina Moms!  I am thrilled to share my favorite places in Orange County and learn more about the hot spot I live in!  If there’s anything you want me to write about, let me know!  I hit publish on my first article there last week and feeling right at home.

I had an epiphany this year that soup is one of my favorite foods.  Making good ramen broth is an art form, you need patience to create the depth and richness for what is basically a delicate base.  Gomen Ramen delivers on that promise of authenticity, the environment itself is homely, making me feel right at home on some random street in Japan while never leaving Orange County.  Read my post at The OC Latina Moms here.
I also had the unique opportunity to cover an event for another blog and had a blast – I think stepping out of my comfort zone and little bubble here is the motivation I needed!
I always assumed the food in TV and movies were… inedible.  That those dishes had to be plastic food props that were painted really really well. Wrong! I recently spent the day in Food Stylist Chris Oliver’s kitchen learning tips and tricks on how to make that magic happen for the camera. Chris Oliver is the master at making food on-camera ready and delicious, having recently been featured on Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks.  Read my post at Surf and Sunshine here.


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