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2014 is turning in to a banner year for me and my son Tyler.  I feel incredibly close to him and he’s definitely opening up to me.  This is all important for me because I was not close to my parents.  At all.  I came to terms with my issues with them years ago and have forgiven them for being so so strict with me.  There really isn’t any rhyme or reason how they parented though – I couldn’t do certain things and if I did want to go out with friends I had to take one or both of my siblings.  Looking back at it, I can’t believe my parents trusted me as a 16 year old and let me drag my 3 year old sister around.  Best believe that everything I went through made me who I am today and the parent I am now.  For my oldest son to share his life with me is freakin’ amazing.  

I wanted to write this post after the tattoo post because I finally met his girlfriend.  We got to attend a soft opening of the new Farrell’s in my city (which is open now so go!) and I told him he could bring her.  She’s quite lovely.  And she didn’t bat an eye at our conversation and warped sense of humor. Boys are hard but she handled it like a champ.  I like her.  

I don’t ever want my kids to wonder if they are loved.  I want them to know my hugs and kisses.  I want them to know my door is always open and I want them to make mistakes and own up to ’em.  I want them to find their place and just be happy.      

My parenting advice: If you think your parents did good with you, follow their parenting style.  If you want better for your kids, do better.  It’s that simple.

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