Pi Day Crazy For Cream Pie Collection


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Creamy Pineapple & Coconut Empanadas : nibblesandfeasts.com
Photo by: Nestle’s Kitchens / Courtesy of: nibblesandfeasts.com

Pi is never-ending and constant, just like my love for pie.  I vaguely remember the first time 3.14159 was introduced to me, I had to have been in 5th or 6th grade…  my math teacher had some choice words for pi and I just wondered why did I have to learn about it when it’s an approximation.  Now pie was first introduced to me when I was probably a toddler – I’m assuming by way of empanadas (or hand pies).  That type of pie is always more fun.  But when I got older, I realized pi could be just as fun and with the popularity of National Pi Day on 3/14 ~ nerds everywhere can rejoice in the celebration!  Yay!  My favorite pies as an adult are banana cream pie or coconut cream pie and to celebrate, I picked out 14 cream pie recipes I am crazy for!

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