13 Recipes For A Diverse Sunday Funday Dinner

Sunday Dinner - Diverse Recipes raisedbyculture.com

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Sunday is my most favorite day of the week.  I love cooking like the next person but there is something spiritual like parking myself in the kitchen cooking all day for Sunday dinner. My best memories of my grandmothers is hanging out in their kitchens while they cooked.  I’m positive I picked up a thing or two by watching them.  I never saw them use cookbooks , measuring cups and the way they moved… like the most graceful dance.  My dad almost always barbecued on Sundays, it was his way of spending time with us and giving to us – it is a day for family and that tradition is carrying on in my own family.

Being a mix of cultures (Filipino, Chamorro, Spanish, German, Chinese) I’ve introduced my Mexican husband to our food and living in Southern California, we’ve explored all kinds of other food together.  And because of that, our Sunday Funday Dinners are always diverse.  We simply cannot have one dish without the other and I’m sharing our favorite dishes – you can make a few or all of it, it just works together in delicious harmony.

Sunday Dinner - Diverse Recipes raisedbyculture.com

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  1. Oh my goodness, all of these dishes look amazing. I’m orginally from Northern CA (San Francisco), and I miss all of the diverse home cooking. In Portland, OR now, where the food is getting better, but it is nothing like CA!!

  2. Thank you for including my lumpiang shanghai in your recipe slideshow. I am from Southern California also and I know what you mean about being to explore all types of food. Just today, I had puffy tacos from a Mexican stand for lunch and on my way home, picked up pork adobo from a Filipino restaurant for dinner.

    Thanks for sharing

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