2015 Honda Fit Reimagined #FitForYou

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.comI get a lot of crappy emails but then there are days that’s like Christmas morning… like the one time I got an email inviting me to a Honda launch event in San Diego.  First, I never say no to San Diego.  That is one of my cardinal rules and really, it should be the general rule for everyone.  And hello, Honda!  Being a teenager in Long Beach in the 90s – all the cool kids had Honda Civics or Accords.  It was the car to have for your first car.  My husband’s first car was a passed down Honda Accord and we would’ve kept it if we didn’t need more room for our growing family.  It was so good to us for being 18 years old and it was still a looker!  I was sold on Honda looks, price and safety years ago so it was interesting to get a sneak peek at their newest launch.

I could give you all the specs copied and pasted from press releases but I’m going to tell you what I loved about the all new 2015 Honda Fit and how it fits me and my teenagers.

  • The colors!  This is one of those instances where it’s okay to judge a book by it’s cover – I am a sucker for Aegean Blue Metallic!  It is one of four new colors for 2015 including Mystic Yellow Pearl (my second fave), Passion Berry Pearl and White Orchid Pearl.
  • The car just looks good.  Subcompact Hatchbacks or 5 door hatchbacks tend to look like toy cars but not the 2015 Honda Fit, it comes off as sleek, premium (without the premium price) and forward.  I think the grille is a bit sexy, rawr!
  • Crazy roomy!  The rear leg room is huge!  I sat comfortably and then some.  We have an SUV and I don’t even attempt to sit in the 2nd row.  My parents have a bigger SUV and it’s stuffy.  For being a small car, I can’t believe how much room there is in the inside.  I host events every once in awhile and the cargo space is perfect for all my boxes!  I’m ready to go thrifting in nearby Arizona!
  • Value for the money.  Price point is $15,525 (Fit LX) – $20,800 (Fit EX-L with Navi)  I have two teenagers and I could justify that price for their first cars.
  • Super techy for the new and old generation of drivers.  Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, auto on-off headlights, LED brake lights and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® is standard in all models.
  • It is smooth.  During the test drive, I somehow convinced Nicole (funthusiast.com) that we had to ride with Jason (accordguyintake on fitfreak.net) – if you really want to find something out, go with the most enthusiastic of the group and Jason was it.  Our ride was (excuse my language) badass because Jason tested it on turns, speed, in parking lots, on the freeway.  I may or may not have screamed.  I’m not a professional car reviewer by any means but this I do know, the car is fun to drive and it handled.

The Fit packs a lot of power, is definitely fun and full of personality but don’t take my word for it, check your local Honda dealer on April 14th to test drive the 2015 Honda Fit yourself!  Honda shared one of my pictures on their Instagram – which color do you want?

Professional Eco-Organizer Julie Naylon gave me two demonstrations of how to pack in the 2015 Honda Fit.  I was most impressed with the whole beach setup for 3 passengers (one of the rear seats folded down) – one surfboard, 2 beach chairs, umbrella, cooler, beach ball and towels…

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

Rear seats fold to the floor!
2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

Art Center College of Design students Marcel Santos and Deven Row showed off their concept skills on the computer and with paper.

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com 2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

The day of our drive was absolutely gorgeous – we decided to check out Mission Bay

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com 2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

Jason rigged his camera to make videos of the test drive – I loved the moonroof!

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com 2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

There are four “modes” with the 2015 Honda Fit: Utility mode, Tall mode, Long mode and Refresh mode (pictured)

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

It looks amazing for those of you who lunch in your car!

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

Jason is showing off his parallel parking skills with YouTuber Flula

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

Can you park between two huge beach balls?

2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com 2015 Honda Fit Launch : raisedbyculture.com

I had an amazing time learning about the all new 2015 Honda Fit and hanging with fun bloggers – to get a different perspective, you should totally check out their posts too:

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Disclosure:  I was invited to attend the launch event but wasn’t obligated to write about it.  I genuinely enjoyed learning about the 2015 Honda Fit.  This is not a review and all thoughts are my own.

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  1. I was following along as you posted while you were there and I have been waiting for this post. As the mother of a teenager we are already thinking about what car to get her. I have a Honda right now and love it so I totally wanted to see what you thought of the Fit! And, I am a teen of the 90’s so I totally hear you on the Civic and Honda’s. That what happens when you grow up in Orange County right?

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