Dami Sushi & Izakaya in Buena Park

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.comDisclosure: I was invited to a media tasting.  All thoughts are my own.

The oyster shooters at the brand new Dami Sushi & Izakaya in Buena Park should be on bucket lists.  It is absolutely phenomenal.  My taste buds were begging for an awakening and this friends, is it.  The shot comes on ice with a lemon slice, the raw oyster is bathed in sake and blinged out in tobiko & quail egg.  The flavors are sweet and salty goodness.  I can’t stop thinking about ’em.  It is culinary perfection.
Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

My girl Julie is the best date, it was her first time doing oyster shots too.  You suck the juice out of the lemon, throw back the shot, chew and wait for the flavors to explode in your mouth!

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Yakitori: Dami offers fourteen different skewers.  This is Asparagus Maki ($3), I loved it.  The flavors work and I love the texture.  Also tried the Enoki Mushroom Maki (not pictured) and that was good too.

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Dami Special: Tuna, Salmon, Albacore, Crab Meat and Avocado wrapped in Cucumber.  This was my fave roll.

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Oyster Tempura: Enoki Mushroom with Grated Radish and Ponzu Sauce.  I’m not sure if this is the full serving or just for media tasting but it was good.  Another one of my faves.

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Matcha Green Tea Creme Brulee, holler.  SO SO GOOD.  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

$1 Oyster Happy Hour is everyday from 5-7pm and again from 9-11pm

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Saewoojang (Preserved Shrimp) Rice Bowl:  This isn’t for the faint of heart but I know there are local foodies looking for some new eats so I’m totally sharing.  The Raw Shrimp is preserved with special soy sauce, dried pollack, jujube and lemon slices over rice.  The picture is for media tasting, the full size order is 3 preserved shrimp over rice.  Next level Andrew Zimmern food right here.Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Golbang Yi Muchim (Sea Snail Salad):  I couldn’t bring myself to try the sea snails but I did eat the veggies for taste, which was good.  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Whole Grain Salad: Black Rice, Indian Millet, Lentil, Kidney Beans with Fresh Mozzarella, Baby Mesclun and Soy Vinaigrette.  The picture on the left is the portion they gave us for the media tasting and the right is what is actually served.  The salad is light and modern, a good alternative.  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Siraegi (Dried Radish Greens) Rice Bowl:  I thought this was yummy.  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Ssam-Bab Set: Spicy Pork Belly, Lettuce, Assorted Vegetables, Ssam-Jang and Rice.  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Dami Seafood Box: Eight assorted seafood dishes $40 for two.  I’m down with yellowtail.  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Love Roll: Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Albacore with Avocado and Cucumber in Soy Paper.  The flavors on this roll are on point but I’m not a fan of soy paper.  I see you, heart!  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

I wanted to like this Chicken Breast Yakitori but sadly I did not.  The wasabi killed it.  The flavors from what I could tell were good.  I actually grew up eating yakitori and have never had wasabi on it.  Not a fan.  Will I order it again? YES! Without wasabi of course.   Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

Miso Chilean Sea Bass: Marinated in Miso and Sake.  Yes this is good, I’d get it with rice.  Dami Sushi & Izakaya raisedbyculture.com

My thoughts: The restaurant is brand new and opened in the new Village Center on Beach just last month.  The menu is exciting and adventurous, keep an open mind with these dishes and let your taste buds be your guide!  I love the modern styling of Dami, the industrial and natural wood finishes are reminiscent of Japanese minimalist design.  There are three 55″ televisions, two 45″ televisions and a 180″ projection system above the sushi bar to feature sports and entertainment.  I could just tell that owners Thomas Shin and Brandon Lee put a lot of thought into this restaurant, their touch is in every little detail – from the look in the restaurant itself to the gorgeous dishes, I am very proud to be a neighbor!  TWO WORDS: OYSTER SHOOTERS.

Dami Sushi & Izakaya
5151 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90621
(714) 739-2537
Current Restaurant Hours: 5pm-12am

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  1. I’d like to try all of them! mOstly the Green tea creme brulee, though- I’ve never seen anything like it!

  2. I love, love, love sushi (and especially with wasabi). That Love Roll looks like something I’d order right off the bat; and followed up with an oyster shooter!

  3. Looks like you and Julie had quite the foodie adventure! Everything looks yummy but I am torn between the Asparagus Maki that you showed…and the Enoki Mushroom Maki just has to be heaven…yummmmmm. xoxo

  4. I’m definitely a stickler for sashimi so that’s what I would put all my focus on while the husband is a roll boy. The lettuce wraps look really good too.

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