Omie Went Evenflo Platinum


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Safety is my number one priority when it comes to my kids but sadly my budget doesn’t feel the same way.  Getting laid off last year sucked and upgrading Omie’s car seat was something we had to do.  Did my research and opted for a car seat that was within our budget but ranked in the middle on safety.  When we went to pick it out in-store, I thought it was the perfect size and weight to protect my littlest one but now having it next to the Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Convertible Car Seat from the new Evenflo Platinum Protection Series I know we should’ve invested and we would’ve if we had the extra cash.  There is a significant weight difference and it feels sturdier.  And NASA-developed Outlast Performance Fabrics.  NASA technology for babies!  You know what that does?  It regulates the temperature in the padding of the seats to keep babies and toddlers comfortable during hot or cold weather.  Whoa.  We live in Southern California so when it gets hot outside, it’s even hotter in our black SUV and my poor Omie has been known to sweat during our travels.  And a new feature, Buckle Pockets that protect from hot buckles (I’ve been burned too!) and no more digging under your kid for lost buckles.

I saw a happier kid on day 1 (he fell asleep within five minutes of his first ride in it!) but wanted to test it out longer.  It was easier to put him in and take him out.  I wasn’t fighting to strap him in.  After using the car seat for a week, my concerns with safety and comfort were put to bed!  No more uncomfortable kid and me having to worry about keeping him calm.  A peaceful ride is a safe ride, invest the money for the safety and comfort of your little one!



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