13 Mother’s Day Delectable Steak & Cake Recipes

13 Mother's Day Delectable Steak & Cake Recipes raisedbyculture.com

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Steak and cake make me happy.  A perfect Mother’s Day for me would consist of a juicy, flavorful ribeye with the fixings, finished up with a fat slice of cake.  My parents rarely splurged on steak and when they did, it was a cheap, thin cut.  When I was in my 20s, I started to make mental notes of what the good cuts were.  Almost everyone would prescribe filet mignon. Maybe because it sounds fancy but I wasn’t impressed.  It wasn’t until my 30s when I finally met my first ribeye.  Tasty & tender, it is my holy grail of beef cuts.  I find it really easy to cook.  I throw in a little oil in a sizzling pan, sear both sides and finish in the oven.  It is pure perfection.  We have it at least twice a month.

Cake.  I would take a birthday cake on Mother’s Day just for the flavors alone.  Strawberry shortcake from Chinatown bakeries used to be my favorite.  The new holy grail of cakes for me is Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods.  It is incredibly moist and I can’t pinpoint what the frosting is but I want to eat it all.  It is absolutely wonderful.  I give it as gifts now but I wouldn’t say no to getting one on Mother’s Day!

What do you want to eat for Mother’s Day?

13 Mother's Day Delectable Steak & Cake Recipes raisedbyculture.com

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