Celebrating Bilingual Literacy Month

#BilingualLiteracyMonth raisedbyculture.com

#BilingualLiteracyMonth raisedbyculture.com
Disclosure:  This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with ReadConmigo.com and Latina Bloggers Connect.

I was honored to attend the celebration of ReadConmigo.com’s first annual Bilingual Literacy Month last week at Ford Boulevard Elementary School in East LA.  I didn’t realize how difficult reading is for some kids until I started volunteering in Duke’s Kindergarten class a few years ago.  It was second nature for myself and my husband to read to the kids but for other Hispanic parents, there is hesitation to read to their children in English or Spanish due to language barriers.  Read Conmigo bridges the gap for those parents with their award-winning bilingual literacy campaign for children, ages Preschool to 5th Grade, sponsored by Infinity Auto Insurance.

The morning kicked off with Fabi Harb of Read Conmigo donating a check for $1,000 to Ford Boulevard Elementary School!  The mission of Read Conmigo is to enrich the learning environment in bilingual households, one family at a time.  The program provides FREE English-Spanish children’s books, apps and other online resources.      #BilingualLiteracyMonth raisedbyculture.com

It was a treat when Children’s Author & Storyteller Antonio Sacre read a story to us and shared tips on reading with kids!

  • Discuss the cover, illustrations and each page.  Engage with your kids throughout the story by asking questions or having them guess what will happen next.
  • Don’t just read in one tone – get into each character, make noises!!!  Make reading fun!  It is crucial to early child development!  

#BilingualLiteracyMonth raisedbyculture.com

Bennett Kayser, LAUSD School Board Member, District 5 presented Read Conmigo with an official proclamation declaring May as Bilingual Literacy Month!  #BilingualLiteracyMonth raisedbyculture.com

85% of Hispanic 4th Graders are reading below proficiency levels!  We have to change these numbers.  Thanks to Read Conmigo, the resources are here, no excuses parents – make the time!  Reading is vital to academic success!


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