New & Old School Potty Training With Pull-Ups


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I shared some of my old school potty training tips on my Say Adios To Diapers post last week and this week, I’m tackling the new school.  This territory is completely new to me but I was up to the challenge cause I’ll have grandbabies one day.  (To all my family that reads my blog, ONE DAY.  Not now.  Don’t call, none of the boys’ girlfriends are expecting!)  The idea came to me when I was writing the other potty training post and I obsessed over The Big Kid Academy on the Huggies Pull-Ups site.  I knew it would be interesting to start this for the new generation because my toddler Omie loves my tablet and our smartphones.  Here are my tips & tricks for the new school:

Start with Potty Videos!  My kids are always looking at videos on YouTube so you have to do a search for potty training videos.  Our favorite so far is Potty Dance because it’s catchy and fun.  We’re working on a song of our own to get Omie motivated!

Big Kid Academy!  Huggies Pull-Ups does an incredible job with this site – there are tabs for activities, celebrations, resources, products and offers.  I especially love that I can create a custom potty newsbreak video and a video character call – you can choose from Minnie, Mater, Finn or Cinderella!  There is also a section to “do the potty dance” where you can download MP3 to bring the potty dance party with you, any time, any place.


Don’t overwhelm yourself and especially your big kid – potty training takes time.  I usually celebrate every flush by letting Omie choose what he wants to do after.

My Omie is such an actor… After potty training 3 before him with all the cool potty chairs, I found one at the dollar store and had to get it!  He really loved the introduction I gave to him and he makes an effort to go potty when he wants.  He’s newly two so we’re not rushing it.  I’d rather he get used to Pull-Ups potty training pants first.


Consistently using Pull Ups® Training Pants throughout the entire potty training process, instead of switching back to diapers, will reduce toddler confusion and lead to more success:

Pull-Ups® offers a solution for consistent potty training for every situation; whether on a shopping trip with Mom, riding in the car, running around the park or bundled up in bed.
Pull-Ups® Training Pants help make potty training a motivating and fun experience for the toddlers and not just the parents.
Visit The Big Kid Academy at to learn more!

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