Cooking With Sausage & Squash


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Both of my parents were nine-to-fivers when I was growing up.  I was the oldest and my teenage life consisted of rushing home afterschool to take care of my siblings.  Not that I minded!  I had free reign of the house till the parents got home.  I usually made a snack for my brother and sister and would get dinner started.  I was a pro at putting rice and water in the rice cooker. That was about all my mama trusted me with.  The go-to easy dinner in our family was rice and fill-in-the-blank food. One of our favorite fill-in-the-blank food was pan fried Farmer John sausage.  Even for breakfast!  All my mama did was add some scrambled eggs to the menu and that was our go-to breakfast.

I wanted to update my mama’s cooking with sausage recipe for my family to make it a teeny tiny bit healthier and lighter especially for this already hot Summer we’re experiencing in Southern California… that meant the rice had to go.

Saw this new flavor at my grocery store and had to try it.


3 squash
1 12 oz. package Farmer John sausage
1 tablespoon vegetable oil


Slice the sausage diagonally, about ¼ inch
Brown them in a large skillet or wok until well cooked (with a little browning mmm!)
Remove sausage
Slice squash and add to the same skillet
Cook until squash is tender (don’t overcook!) and add sausage – serve hot or cold!

Defeat the battle of “What’s For Dinner” with a sausage switcheroo instead of traditional chicken and beef dishes. 


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