Disneyland Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Disneyland raisedbyculture.com

Disneyland Monte Cristo raisedbyculture.com

My husband Chris and I are eating our way through Disneyland and California Adventure.  We didn’t plan it, it just kinda happened and I’m using Foodbeast’s 15 Stunning Disneyland Food and Drinks Worth Waiting In Line For as our guide.  Our latest Disney foodie venture happened on Memorial Day.  I wanted to try the Disneyland Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans because deep-fried sandwich, oh yes.  It is battered turkey, ham and Swiss treat dusted with powdered sugar and served with berry purée.  Absolutely stunning to look at but not for the faint of heart.  I wish someone warned me that we would only need to order one for both of us.  Hell, even one order of these babies could fill up four people.  Not knowing, Chris and I each ordered one and after the first piece, were just done.  Would I order it again?  Probably not.  It was tasty but excessive.  

So far, fried chicken from Plaza Inn and Mickey beignets from Mint Julep Bar are our favorites.

Tell us your Disneyland and California Adventure food favorites!

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  1. My husband loves the Monte Cristo! However I don’t, I do love eating at the Plaza Inn. We will be going to Disneyland/Ca Adventure at the end of this month and we are still deciding between this and the bbq at thunder mountain ranch.

  2. It’s been so long since I’ve been to Disneyland; I know if I had the chance, I’d be in line for a Monte Cristo. I LOVE the excess (as long as its not too often. There used to be a restaurant by my Dad’s house in Albuquerque, and that was always the first stop when I went to visit him (even before we got to his house), so I could get my Monte Cristo Fix!

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