Starting Out In My Late 20s


I started working when I was fourteen but my first real world job didn’t officially start till my late 20s.  I was a newly single mom with two sons, sharing custody with my ex and living at my parents’ home.  I didn’t plan for it to work out this way and I was set on starting out again.  I carefully crafted my resume, uploaded it online and started applying everywhere I could, every chance I got.  I devoted all my free time to finding something.  I didn’t want to live at home and I promised myself I would have a place of my own by 30.  And then I got a bite in San Diego.  I would be two hours south.  Away from my sons.  I decided I would do the phone interview.  I got a call back requesting an interview.  I was so so nervous, it was moving too fast but I was determined to see where this was going.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  My dad dropped me at the train station, the ride wasn’t so bad, I got to San Diego and grabbed a cab to the hospital.  It ended up being a panel interview, the first time I ever did one in my life.  The best memory of that day (and would shape almost all my future work decisions) was when I was waiting in line for the train back and a random lady in her 50s told me that the best thing she’s done in her life was changing careers.  Not once but five times.  Three days later, I was offered the management position.  I said yes and started looking for an apartment.  I didn’t realize the background check would take forever and the day I signed the offer letter, I decided I would celebrate in Las Vegas with my brother and sister.

That was 10 years ago.  In that time I found Chris, quit that job, had Duke, got married, had Omie and now on a whole new wonderful adventure.

I learned that you can always start again.

The following pictures are from our trip to Vegas in 2004 before starting my new job.  It meant so much for so many reasons and kicked off the start of my life.#GoodNeighbor




What advice would you give your younger self?

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  1. Love!!!! Coming from a person who’s been at the same damn job for 10 years, I cant’ wait for a change. Working hard now so I can do that hopefully in the next 6-12 months!!!!!

  2. I’m not sure why this made me cry, other than the fact that our stories are quite similar – starting over and the unknown is a little exciting and scary, but seeing the journey by reflecting on where you were is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post! Haven’t known you for too long but it is obvious that you are very happy in your life and with your family, it definitely shines through and that is such an inspiration 🙂
    I’m finally stepping up to make a career change and that requires me to go back to school for a few years and I’m scared sh*tless lol. It’s a scary thing to decide to make a big change but you reminded me that you just gotta make that leap of faith.

  4. Your advice struck me at the right moment! As of last night I’ve been wondering “what if…” I lost sleep last night over thinking decisions made in the past, present and how they impact our future. You’re right! “You can always start again”. I will remind myself when in doubt.

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