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The heart of every community is its people and I watched firsthand how the community breathed life into the new Walmart Neighborhood Market in Jurupa Valley.  Everyone loves shiny and new, we’re all a little curious!  I know I was excited to attend the grand opening – I’ve been to grand openings before and the thrill is contagious, it’s that good adrenaline you want to linger.  I mingled in the front and roamed the aisles trying to listen to the happy chatter and take in all their expressions.  What I got out of just watching a community was way more deeper than I expected, I got a peek at their collective heart.  Fathers shopping with their kids, abuelas tagging along with their daughters and their daughters, teenagers and their friends, new associates – it was beautiful.

What I learned is Walmart added 100+ new jobs in Riverside by opening the Neighborhood Market and filled in the void for fresh produce and meat backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.  One associate I talked with was unemployed for 3 years.  He wanted to return to the workforce but there just wasn’t any jobs.  Caroline in Produce was super lovely, making sure I had a store map and asking if I needed any help.

I saw Patricia and her six (yes 6!) cute kids laughing in the aisles and had to ask what they thought about the new store but really I was thinking about giving her an award for bringing all six to the store cause I can’t even handle two sometimes… I know you mamas know what I’m talking about!  She liked how it wasn’t overwhelming and very close to where they live.  #GOWalmart #WMT5663 raisedbyculture.comThe variety is amazing.  I can’t wait to share my amazing finds in my next post.  But here’s a teaser:  Walmart focuses on being the store of the area so you can bet you’ll find latino products including bolillo rolls baked fresh daily!  Let me tell you, I was surprised and delighted that the yummy smell filled the store.
#GOWalmart #WMT5663 raisedbyculture.comI invite you to get to know your Walmart Neighborhood Market!  If you are local to Riverside & Jurupa Valley, I’ll be celebrating your community tomorrow from 12-3pm!  There will be samples from your favorite brands, free food, face painting, great grand opening only deals and my favorite, a Mariachi band!  I might have some surprises up my sleeve too so make sure you say hi!

Walmart Neighborhood Market – Jurupa Valley
8844 Limonite Avenue
Riverside, CA 92509

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