As Good As It Gets



I’ll be hitting a milestone this year.  10 years with my husband.  It doesn’t feel like ten years though!  I still adore him!  We were in TX last month on vacation and every time I watched him with our boys, I thought to myself, this is as good as it gets.  A lot can happen in 10 years:  Having two more kids, starting college in my 30s (actually we both did college while working!), getting married, buying a car, getting laid off and starting new business ventures.  All of which Chris was totally present for.  He has been my shoulder to cry on, mastermind to bounce ideas off on, my rock.

I remember in elementary school and even till high school, my friends would sign yearbooks saying things like:  don’t change, stay the same.  I can’t imagine staying the same for the past ten years.  Chris and I are good together because we’re always evolving, always tightening the lens on our goals.  His goals, my goals, our goals.

One of the hardest trials we had to overcome was raising our family alone.  My parents moved from Southern California to Texas during the real estate boom and his family is in Texas.  Holidays were hard and so was college.  We didn’t have houses to visit on Christmas and no one to watch the kids when we had school or even just to go on a date.  When you have a husband that supports you through that, he’ll support you through anything.  We stood by each other.  It was hard to convince him after we both got laid off that we would be fine if I focused on blogging.  I told him to give me three months.  He believed in me last year when I needed him to the most and here we are, happier and taking a crack at the next ten year’s goals!

Who is your rock?  Who has always been there?


Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.

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  1. I love this so much. that’s so awesome. time flies when you’re having fun and if you’re with someone you love and who supports you it’s like blink and years go by. you guys have an amazing story and a tangible love that is evident in your words and photos. happy anniversary!

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