Blaze Pizza is the BOMB!

#howdoyoublaze Blaze Pizza

#howdoyoublaze Blaze Pizza

I was on vacation when I got an email from Blaze Pizza inviting me to attend their grand opening a couple weeks ago.  I never heard of them and I never say no to pizza.  We got home to one of their pizza boxes cleverly used to ship us info and coupons.  Here’s what I learned:  Fresh house-made dough, prepared from scratch daily. Artisinal ingredients from inventive to classic. 180 seconds of fast-fire’d perfection!  

This is what I know:  Blaze Pizza is the bomb.  Our familia approves.  You walk in and decide if you want to order a signature pizza or build your own pizza.  It’s kind of madness but they’ll walk you through it.  You get asked how many pizzas you are ordering, you give them your name and they start each pizza.  Think of it like Subway and Chipotle.  You get the picture.  #howdoyoublaze Blaze Pizza raisedbyculture.comDuke wanted a one topping pizza but ended up adding chicken.#howdoyoublaze Blaze Pizza

Chris got the signature Meat Eater minus red onions and added banana peppers and mushrooms.
#howdoyoublaze Blaze Pizza raisedbyculture.comAnd this is my build your own pizza!  You should take notes, I created something special here. No really.  I’m not a fan of thin crust so I casually asked if they could accommodate little ol’ me. Without hesitation, the staff said yes.  Mind you, they had only been open 2 whole days and they were all brand new.  I was impressed they wanted to take it on.

I’m thinking this is what secret menu dreams are made of.  Thick crust a la Blaze Pizza is one layer of dough, sauce, another layer of dough, sauce and your toppings.  I went with spicy red sauce, ovalini mozzarella, crumbled meatballs, spinach, red onions, banana peppers, green bell peppers, kalmata olives, sea salt and oregano.  I should name my masterpiece.  (I’ve already had it twice)   #howdoyoublaze Blaze Pizza raisedbyculture.comFresh, hot and tasty – just how I like it.  The sauce is amazing.  It really makes the pizza.  I’m in love.

#howdoyoublaze Blaze Pizza

So, how do you blaze?


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