Roy Choi at OC Fair

Chef Roy Choi #OCFair

Chef Roy Choi #OCFair raisedbyculture.comI was hiding out for a couple weeks.  July was ugly for us and I didn’t want to go anywhere.  It was all good, I needed time to mourn and time to heal.  The only important date on my calendar was the 24th.  Kogi BBQ Truck founder Chef Roy Choi (his resume is deep yall but he’s most famous for that) at OC Fair. I was inspired by seeing him as a Top Chef judge and making no apologies for who he is. Straight up street, real and obviously ethnic – all things I struggle with as a blogger. But seeing him in person, in his element and beloved by a diverse crowd in ethnicity and age motivates me to continue finding my voice in this industry.

The thing is we all go to conferences, we all sit in on sessions.  Some topics are repetitive, some I’m fighting to keep my eyes open.  For the most part, I’m picking up what their putting down. But none of those speakers had an impact on me like Roy Choi.  I sat there watching him make kalbi and kimchi but was focused on the obviously deeper message specific to me – be who you are and own it.  I’ve evolved through the years like Queen Latifah in Set It Off to Queen Latifah on her daytime talk show.  (Not really but how’s that for a visual)  I say that with pride, I’m proud of who I was and who I’ve become but I need to get my voice back.  It got quieter and edited for general consumption.

Food for thought:  300 of us can sit in a room listening to 1 speaker but hear 300 different things. 

See, the OC Fair is an experience, not just deep fried fair food.  But even that’s good too.

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  1. So great! I love that he spoke right to you! It is WONDERFUL when you can pull out exactly what you need. I would love to hear him speak some day. For me, Bobby Hundreds is the man. When he shares about business or branding it’s like he is talking right to me. And telling me not to be an idiot. But in a super cool way. It doesn’t seem like being yourself would be a challenge but it is. Do I blog for my readers or myself? Because I am sure we want different things from my blog. I hope to have it figured out. Eventually. 🙂

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