I Unofficially Attended Apple Camp

Apple Camp iMovie 2014 raisedbyculture.com

Apple Camp iMovie 2014 raisedbyculture.com

Duke did Apple Camp last week and so did I, kinda sorta.  First, you can’t just drop off your kid at Apple Camp.  You have to be physically in the store, which is cool cause I don’t really leave my kid with just anyone.  I kinda wanted to learn iMovie too so it gave me an excuse to legit hang out without stalking my kid.  Little did I know that I would walk away from this experience learning more than the basics of iMovie.

  • Patience.  I found out about Apple Camp last year from a mom blogger I know.  I would have to wait one whole year to sign up.  When sign-ups opened this year, I got in late and was automatically wait listed.  What a bummer.  Some friends mentioned it took them three years to get in.  Duke was begging to start a YouTube channel and I told him the only way I would be with it is if he learned how to edit.   We got off the wait list two days before camp.  Hallelujah!  The last day of camp is when all three classes show off their movies.  70 minutes of kids movies.  That’s patience.
  • Let him learn on his own.  It took so much from me not to step in and help him with his project but I’m glad his camp counselor Kyle told us not to.  Or I would’ve and Duke wouldn’t have learned anything.
  • Not everyone parents like you.  I should know this but it isn’t until I’m around other parents for a few days that I see it.  I’m not perfect but it bugs me when people allow their children to be disrespectful to other kids and adults.  Two kids were clearly bored with being there and would whip out their iPads and play games and listen to music while other campers were working on their projects.  It was so damn rude.
  • Be aware.  Apple Camp happens in the Apple store during business hours – one old creeper observed all the kids working in the designated area and walks right next to a girl and picks up the Macbook next to her.  Counselor explains to him that the kids are working on stuff and points him to the general display area of the store, Chris and I start to watch the guy and he comes back to the kids.  I reported him to an Apple staff member and she was so slick in talking to him that he felt uncomfortable and left.  No one noticed this but me and my husband.  I would’ve messed that dude up, for reals.  (This mostly applies to life in general)
  • The best things in life are FREE.  Big big kudos for Apple for offering this amazing experience.  Apple Camp is awesome.

Apple Camp iMovie 2014 raisedbyculture.com

Naturally Duke wanted to make a movie about Minecraft.  He created the storyboard, worked on a soundtrack in Garage Band, filmed and edited in iMovie.  He did this all on his own, no help from me or Chris.  I love it!      


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  1. Too cute! I have no idea what Minecraft is but I do know there are lots of kids who love it. Glad that you and Chris kept an eye on the creeper. Seriously, don’t these a-holes have anything better to do than stalk children? (They should just die. It would make everyone’s day.)

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