OC Fair Firsts

#OCFair raisedbyculture.com

#OCFair raisedbyculture.com

The OC Fair is a Summer tradition for us.  My parents took me as a kid and I take my kids.  There is always something new to experience.  Every year is different for me and I love it more each time!  We got a late start this year and you only have till August 10th to get your fair fun on.  I wanted to share our OC Fair Firsts in this post and next week I’ll share my OC Fair Favorites. These are definitely favorites too.

The first of all firsts:  Bacon Wrapped Jack Daniels.
#OCFair raisedbyculture.com

From this place.  I couldn’t tell you how to get here but this is how it looks.  #OCFair raisedbyculture.com

Duke as a chocolate covered banana in nuts holding a chocolate covered banana in nuts.  If that isn’t a first, I don’t know what is!#OCFair raisedbyculture.com

My sweet baby riding his first fair ride by himself!

#OCFair raisedbyculture.com

Our friends’ daughter getting a kiss from a baby bull!

#OCFair raisedbyculture.com


Do you have a favorite fair first?  I would love to hear about it! 

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  1. I was there on Opening Day (a first); I also tried the Deep-Fried Jack Daniels (another first) and loved it!. I’m hoping I can get back there closing weekend too–I love to watch the Rodeo & Bull-Riding events!

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