5 for $5.95 At Wienerschnitzel

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Chili Dogs! Corn Dogs! Get your chili dogs and corn dogs here! I only eat chili dogs from Wienerschnitzel (actual facts right there) so when I got the invite to come to East LA to get our grub on with local radio station personality Evelyn Sicairos, I was there. My love for California is strong as evidenced all over my social networks and here, Wienerschnitzel being a true native of my state, started here in 1961. The world’s largest hot dog chain has been family owned since day one! I make note of little details like that, it’s good to know. You have to love the original A-frame style roofs of its older restaurants and the bold yellow and red colors but what you are really there for are the chili dogs. My absolute favorite.

#VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.com

The thirst for Evelyn Sicairos is real. She is gorgeous and fun with good energy it’s no wonder she brought in the fans! #VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.com

Life is better shared – this is the ultimate mix & match combination. 5 chili dogs or 5 corn dogs for only $5.95 – available for a limited time only at all participating locations. #VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.com

Corn dogs make my kids happy! #VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.comWe like hats. Especially these hats.
#VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.com

The deal was so good we went back a few days later for more! And you have to order fries! Caught my boy redhanded! Can’t beat spending $12 to feed a family of four! #VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.com

#VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.com

I’m a chili dog snob, the W forever! Wienerschnitzel that is.
#VoyPor5 raisedbyculture.com

Wienerschnitzel has an awesome loyalty program called Wiener Rewards  – that let’s you earn FREE food. Download the app and start earning today!

What is your favorite thing to order at Wienerschnitzel?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wienerschnitzel . The opinions and text are all mine.

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