A Palm Springs Snackation

#snackation raisedbyculture.com We are home from an epic end of summer staycation in Palm Springs and thanks to a fun partnership with The J.M. Smucker Company, I’m sharing the fun! Check out last week’s post where I shared 3 tips for your snackation! I was so ready with snacks for our road trip but the kids slept the whole 90 minute drive! These sleepyheads barely opened their eyes on the last two miles in to the city. The first half of our trip was spent in a dreamy vacation rental with a pool and everything. The kids wanted to live in the pool. When they weren’t in the pool, they were bugging me about food. Since I came prepared with Jif To Go, I’m sharing three ways we enjoyed it:

  • With Fruit – Specifically apples. As requested by my 9 year old son Duke. Remember that tip about having your kids create their own grocery list? He wanted peanut butter and apples. Jif To Go made this so easy. I cut apples, put them in a bowl and left a cute setup every afternoon by the pool. Easy for the kids to help themselves!
  • With Cookies – This was all me. I bought a pack of cookies and couldn’t help but using ’em to scoop up peanut butter. This was mom’s guilty pleasure for the week. I will neither confirm or deny that I also did cookies with Jif Whips. Oh yes. I mean no. Shhh.
  • Alone – Not alone by yourself but that could work too. Alone as in get a teaspoon and enjoy peanut butter in all it’s glory.

#snackation raisedbyculture.com Walmart is our snackation destination because of the huge selection of Smucker’s products. When your kids are happy, you will be happy. I barely heard a peep out of this one during our vacation. #snackation raisedbyculture.com Go ahead, help yourself. #snackation raisedbyculture.com

The snackation never ends, how do you enjoy peanut butter?

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