Modern Baby Shower Gifts + Ideas

#SoMuchMore #johnsonspartners

Today we’re using JOHNSON’S® Baby products as part of a #johnsonspartners sponsored post for Socialstars.

For the first time, JOHNSON’S® is unveiling an exciting line of limited edition Circo designer bottles, sold exclusively at Target and and these are them! How cute are these colors and designs?! My mind immediately went into gifting + planning mode when I saw these. Baby shower gift or centerpiece, gift for a new mom, styling and profiling in a nursery or bathroom. I like when brands step it up. Modern times calls for modern design. This is how you stunt!

I’m a minimalist, modern kinda girl + here are my tips on how to rock these:

  • Forget the gift bag. Opt for a basket or crate that the parent can actually use
  • Choose one or two colors + buy other baby items based on that color. Rachel does an awesome job at this
  • Baby shower decor. Tie a few coordinating colored balloons to these and you have a cute centerpiece
  • Guest bathroom display. See those pictures below, be like me! These would be awesome to see if I visit you or I arrive in a vacation home rental
  • Ding dong ditch. Curate a new baby care package for a friend, leave it at her doorstep, ring the doorbell and leave

#SoMuchMore #johnsonspartners

#SoMuchMore #johnsonspartners

But MOM! What about MY bath? Can I use this?

#SoMuchMore #johnsonspartners

Gifting is so personal these days especially when it comes to baby! I remember how it was 18 years ago with my first born to just 4 years ago with my last baby! How are you stepping up your gifting game?

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