Google Yourself, bae.


If there’s one blogger thing I live for, it is blogger conferences. I look forward to it at least once a year and if I’m lucky, twice a year. It is where I get to escape… just kidding. It is where I get to hang with my peeps and feed off their energy and exchange ideas. I’m getting ready to attend #WeAllGrow Summit in Long Beach, CA. Actually I’m working the conference but when work is fun…

The cool thing is I won’t actually have to fly anywhere, Long Beach is my hometown and only 15 miles from me. The thing about that though is since I’m local, I’m lagging on packing. We’re talking only two days left of preparing and packing. There is sooo much to do. I brought out my business cards cause you can’t go to a conference and not have those. You might be wondering why I’m sharing all this, going back home got me thinking… maybe I should Google myself to see what’s currently out there about me. Have you ever googled yourself? What did you find?


It takes seconds to Google Yourself but do you know how to control your digital rep? I’m always on my  sons about this. Advising them how to protect their digital rep now while they are young to take into adulthood.

  • Google Yourself regularly. Googling everyone but yourself. Stop and Google Yourself, bae (before anyone else!) and at least once a month. Set up a Google alert with your name. If you have a common name, add your employer (or blog), hometown or other distinguishing factors about yourself to make the search/alert more accurate
  • Fix it. If you see content about you that is wrong, try to fix it. If you put it out there, get rid of it. If someone else posted it, reach out to them to correct it
  • Take control of the message. This. Be ready by being first. You can’t control everything about you online but you can take control of your digital profile by creating your own website or starting your own blog. It is so easy to secure your name with a cool domain that ends in .ME. A .ME domain is the choice if you are looking for a memorable way to rep yourself online! I heart Domain.ME for their dedication to building strong relationships with its community and make sure you follow me on Snapchat so I can show off their suite at #WeAllGrow!

What makes that stat interesting is more than a quarter of Americans (including more than 1 in 3 millennials) now believe they are more likely to make a first impression ONLINE than they are at a party. SAY WHAT? Times have changed! 42% of Americans surveyed have actually changed their opinion about someone else based on content they saw online! Check out the results from Domain.ME’s survey here.


This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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