Trix x Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwiches

#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with General Mills + Acorn Influence. All thoughts are my own.

I’m THAT mama. The one that concocts those crazy fun food creations. I might say that I create for the kids but between you and me, it is kinda for me. I’m young at heart and I like what I make. I consider myself a food matchmaker of sorts. You can find me daydreaming in food, ohhhing and ahhhing, this food will go with this and with that. That’s how I think. There is really only one thing my children want to celebrate Día de los Niños. Ice cream. Ice cream is the theme around our celebrations + traditions. Add cereal to the mix and you got a party and good memories.
#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal

The inspiration for these Trix x Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwiches comes from an ice cream social I hosted with my BFF a few years ago but made better from a late night adventure Chris & I took our then 9 year old Duke on last year. My sister was visiting from TX and we went to get a milky bun (donut ice cream sandwich, HELLO!) at 10pm. We never take the boys out that late! Duke still talks about it to this day. We got to pick out ice cream and add cereal toppings. YASSS! Just stroll down the cereal aisle at your Walmart and grab a box of Trix!

#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal

#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal

#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal


  • Trix
  • pan dulce – I used conchas
  • ice cream – I used vanilla because it really brings out the flavors in the cereal and pan dulce


  • slice concha in half
  • add a scoop of ice cream to bottom half of concha, put top of concha on, take parchment paper and press down
  • add Trix

Bonus tip: you can serve immediately or you can freeze for an hour. The pan dulce gets a little crunchy and I just loved it.

For more fun recipe ideas, check out + the Día de los Niños board on Pinterest!

#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal

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