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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with PEBBLES™ Cereal. All thoughts are my own.

The smell of Fruity Pebbles does this thing where I’m magically transformed into my 7 year old self. Sitting cross legged in my nana’s living room, front + center of the tv, with a big bowl of color changing milk cause Fruity Pebbles. That was the ritual. This feeling will never leave you.

Hand in the box, sitting on the couch in my teenage years. Those were the days.

Each of my sons repeating my 7 year old ritual. Circle of Life.

Adulting is Fruity Pebbles macarons, macaron ice cream sandwiches with Fruity Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles covered churros and taking your kids to check out the Pebbles Play tour like Imma do this Sunday + you are invited!

Starting off in June 2016, the Pebbles Play tour will travel to major cities across the U.S. offering families a unique opportunity to create, taste, experience, and imagine Pebbles like never before. The Pebbles Play tour is teaming up with environmentally sustainable toy company YOXO® to inspire young inventors and encourage creativity using recycled materials. At your local Pebbles Play Tour stop, you’ll be able to get into all this fun:

  • Give new life to your Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles cereal box by transforming it into a rocking guitar at the YOXO® Pebbles Play station. Share your creations using the hashtag #YOXOtoys and #PebblesPlay.
  • Step inside and explore the energetic, playful world of Pebbles with Pebbles virtual reality goggles.
  • Unleash the drive to explore by taking a seat inside a real life replica of the Flintmobile. Snap a photo and upload it to social media with the hashtag #PebblesPlay.
  • Awaken your senses and get a burst of creative energy by enjoying tasty Pebbles marshmallow treats – get a vibrant, fruity flavor with Fruity Pebbles or extreme chocolate flavor with Cocoa Pebbles.
  • Grab a coupon for one dollar off a box of Pebbles cereal, so you can kick-start happiness in every day.

YASSSSSSSSS! Here are the details on the San Diego County Fair stop where I’ll be! Come say hi on Sunday!

  • Where: San Diego County Fair @ 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014
  • When: Sunday, July 3 – Monday, July 4 I 11 AM – 8 PM
  • Who: Open to families of all ages
  • How: Just show up!
  • Admission cost: Fair admission is Adults $16, Senior ($62+) $9, Ages 6 – 12 $9, Ages 5 & under Free
  • Visit for more info – most tour stops are FREE!

Comment with your favorite Pebbles memory + I’ll share my favorite ones on my #PebblesPlay recap next week!


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