Cubs Win

10th inning Game 7 World Series delay

Bandwagon Cubs fan here*. At least for the World Series anyway. Chris + I started watching the World Series during Game 5 cause he wanted to see the Indians win. That didn’t happen. He was all the way off. I wanted to watch cause I like baseball. Tonight: Game 7. Screaming. Crying. Screaming. 10th inning. Rain delay. THE CUBS WON! After 108 years. Pluto wasn’t even a planet the last time they won a World Series. Marinate on that for a minute. So with everything going on in the US presidential election + scandals, Standing Rock, Syria, Yemen, police brutality… we could celebrate for one night. Tomorrow is another day. 

But about my day. I woke up late and with a headache. I was out of it and knew I wouldn’t be giving my all to my clients so cancelled my appointments. We were supposed to spend the day out at a museum but that didn’t happen. I took a nap and woke up hungry. The kids were hungry too so I treated them out to Denny’s (that post is coming soon) and we went to score marked down Halloween candy. Target was only 30% off so nope. We were in the toy aisle talking Star Wars when a random cholo started talking to my husband about his toy collection. And when we were leaving Target tonight…

Chris looking at receipt: Did you buy two boxes of tampons?
Me: No
Chris: How much were they?
Me: Like $3.99? I don’t know… I don’t look, I just buy it
Chris: We got charged for two boxes and I know you never buy two boxes

We go back inside and get a refund. 

We ditch the cart in the front, Chris grabs our case of water, it is leaking everywhere.
He goes back inside to get a new case.

Maybe those delays saved us from something. Thank you Universe.


*We don’t have teams. We wanted to witness history being made.


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  1. Thank you, Universe and Thank you Chris for checking the receipt! All the Facebook talk made me tune into the Cubs game. It was an exciting last inning I tuned in for. I love my dodgers and I love baseball especially when people are excited and it is a damn good game.

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