Full Moon Signs

Full Moon release raisedbyculture.com

I woke up this morning and saw my domain expired. The GoDaddy this domain expired page was up and everything. I knew the renewal was coming but I made no effort to pay. I tend to live life like that these days. And then I remembered I was doing this blogging daily thing in November and wanted to get my blog back up immediately. I pulled up godaddy.com to pay and couldn’t remember my password. Of course! I tweeted about the tragedy but wasn’t freaking out like I usually do. This is how it played out on Twitter. Gifs make everything better. 

Something happened to me on the way to Guam to see my Papa and on the way back home. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean during a full moon I released everything. I let things go. All of my fears. I don’t know if it was Papa or a combination of things but my anxiety is basically non-existent and I ain’t even stressed about the future. Signs. I’m gone be good. 

The next full moon is on the 14th. If you want to learn more about new moon and full moon rituals, you have to get up on @mysticxlipstick. She’s good.

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