Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta S1E3 Recap


I was looking for a juicy new show to get into on Thursday nights and Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta is it. I was sucked in on the cast alone. Lil’ Wayne’s daughter Reginae. Bow Wow. Zonnique – T.I. & Tiny’s daughter. And a few I wasn’t familiar with: Ms. Deb’s son Brandon, DJ Hurricane’s daughter Ayana and Jermaine Dupri’s daughter Shaniah. Was that first episode enough to keep me tuning in every Thursday tho? OH YES. THE DRAMA IS REAL. 

On Episode 3, Bow Down To Your Mother – Ms. Deb checks TF outta Brandon. He don’t wanna hear it. He had no business policing Nique Nique’s outfit and going in on Reginae. He knew better but he did it anyway. Ms. Deb basically like you don’t want war with Lil’ Wayne. I’m concerned that Brandon knows nothing about females. He didn’t have to go there with Zonnique or Reginae. I’ll just say it now: I JUST DON’T LIKE BRANDON. 

Bow Wow is back in Atlanta to work on his mixtape. Straight from the airport to the strip club. For inspiration he says. For motivation. Jermaine Dupri is pissed Bow Wow is late to the studio and when he finally gets there he doesn’t even know his own lyrics. Boy bye! 

We meet Ayana’s bae, Amy. She don’t want her to have female friends. Amy doesn’t want to commit. We can already see where this is going, Ayana needs to see it too. 

Brandon meets up with Zonnique. What is the point of this meeting? Brandon ain’t apologizing and calls Z a hooker. Homeboy gets off on being rude. The meeting was pointless. They meet up later in the episode and Brandon goes in on Z again. This vocal coach really think he’s an artist developer. She needs to walk away from him. He’s toxic. She tells him she wants to work with his mama. BRANDON GOTTA GO. 


The girls meet up at a bowling alley to talk about what went down at Nique Nique’s photo shoot. Nae calls over Ayana to sit next to her, A tells her she backs up her wack cousin Brandon and tries to school Nae on watching what she says. Nae just like whatever… 

You thought y’all were ’bout to turn up but it quickly turns into an intervention. Bow wants to party, JD & Snoop want him to get serious about business. Bow ain’t ready. There is some suspect language about Snoop and JD being Bow’s fathers. Daddy issues.


You gotta love the mamas Toya, Tiny and Ms. Deb. They are down for their babies. Deb’s other son Waka Flocka and her are hosting a turkey giveaway. Toya wanna talk to Ms. Deb about her son. Just as it was about to pop off, we have to wait till next week. Damn.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The bLink Marketing Network and Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. The opinions and text are all mine.


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