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Xenia Galaviz has been on the Internet since 1996. Way back when AOL chatrooms + LiveJournal were lit. An original storyteller but better on Snapchat, she curates all things good: tacos, donuts, rap music + crystals. A real energy alchemist, she went from hurting to healing. Your homegirl is mostly at raisedbyculture.com or at #putitintheuniverse

I’m 36.  It’s a good number, reminds me of Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers which is a damn good piece of Hip Hop masterpiece.  I’m Chamorro and Filipino with a little German, Spanish and Chinese.

My husband Chris is younger than me.  I chased him.  And he moved from TX to CA.  He makes me laugh.  I feel like I fall in love with him more each day.  He’s Mexican.  We made cute kids.

Boys.  We have 4 of them.  Ty is 16 – loves bikes and photography.  Ty is currently planning and fundraising for his Eagle Scout Project.  We are so proud of him!  Dame is 14 – loves gaming.  Duke is 7 – he loves just about everything.  He wanted a blog so he got one.  And our newest son Omar arrived on April 21, 2012 – he loves sleeping and eating!  He started talking at 8 weeks old!

I took a leave of absence to bond with our new baby and was slated to return on September 1, 2013 but in May my husband & I received a layoff notice from our employer at Honda Center in Anaheim.  As of June 30th, we are no longer employed.  It is an ugly fight with our Union and Anaheim Arena Management.

We are not religious but very spiritual.  We celebrate some Holidays.  We’re very hands-on with our kids.

I love exploring Southern California (there’s always something to do), thrifting, antiquing, flea markets, swap meets, zines, art shows, snail mail, smash books, museums, art walks, cupcakes, ethnic foods, toys, smashing, photography, traveling, watching movies & basketball.  We are into a bit of everything.

I want to visit Tokyo one day.  Maybe when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.  I want to play in Puroland and I want to shop in Harajuku.

I’m planning my dream Wedding on Pinterest.  My husband & I got married on 8/8/8 and plan on renewing our vows on our 8th Anniversary in 2016.

I don’t want to be like other blogs.  It would be dreamy to turn a profit and get hooked up but I want to stick to what I know – being true to myself and my family.  We promise to write about things we genuinely like and support products & events that are important and interesting to us.

Pet peeves: Passengers in vehicles that stick their feet out of the window.  The word “Oriental”.
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