Review & Gifting Policy

My review and gifting policy:

Thank you so for considering Raised by Culture for reviewing your item. We are more than happy to accept products for reviews from brands and PR companies. In order to set clear expectations, please advise our review and gifting policy below:

  • All reviews published on Raised by Culture are done based on personal experiences of the product. No suggested language may accompany my review, doing so turns my post into a sponsored one in which I only do with creative control.
  • All items received for review will be disclosed on the blog as such.
  • In addition, If I like the product, I will happily write about it, however, if I do not like the product then chances are I will not feature nor write about it, adhering to “If you have nothing nice to say…” (I want to clarify that this does not guarantee a positive review.)
  • Receipt of a product, solicited or unsolicited, does not mean that we have entered into a contract in which publishing an editorial review is mandatory. Items accepted and considered for review are under the condition that I’m not obliged to write about the item. This keeps us transparent.
  • No content will be forwarded to PR for pre-approval before publishing.
  • Please note that we almost never review (there are exceptions): Books, diet products, workout gear.
  • Editorial timeline is 4-6 weeks after receipt of product.

Brands that impose on these limitations will not be accepted for product reviews and will be directed to the sponsored post or advertising options.

Unfortunately I may not have time to give you feedback on when we will review the item or why we did or did not review the item. Thank you for your understanding. If you’d like to hire me as a consultant or inquire about advertising on Raised by Culture, please email


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