Welcome To LA, CVS Pharmacy y más

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When I get invited to an event, I ask myself two questions 1) is this a brand I support or can see myself supporting? 2) will this help my friends, family or readers in some way? I couldn’t reply YES fast enough to the invite to the grand opening of the newly remodeled and rebranded CVS pharmacy y más store in Bell. See, I’m totally down with #CVSymas and I put my word on it. You have to admire a company that removes tobacco out of all their stores and truly cares about the communities they are in.

CVS pharmacy y más is a unique shopping destination offering Hispanic customers the convenience of a one-stop shop, where they can receive CVS Pharmacy’s best-in-class pharmacy services as well as personalized products and services that better meet their diverse needs, in an environment that feels like home.

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My Hair Struggle Is Real Update

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Do you remember when I decided to go for a second round of Women’s ROGAINE® Foam back in September? I was struggling with my hair loss again. It is my only complaint about me and I got to that point where I was like… it isn’t something I could control. It was just easier convincing myself of that. I’m telling you, my hair struggle is real till now. I liked the results when I did the foam last year but had issues when it came to maintaining. I could not get into a routine but this time would be different. I just added the foam right after I brushed my teeth and washed my face. You know I had to do that every morning. 12 weeks of this. I was excited to see my after. My happily ever after!
#RogaineTrueVolume raisedbyculture.comBack in September. My hair was something ratchet after a summer in pools but I kept positive.
#RogaineTrueVolume raisedbyculture.com

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My Signature Move Is Spoiling My Man

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Chris puts up with my crazy busy blogger lifestyle and for that, he deserves to be spoiled. (Spoiling when I can is kinda my signature move.) I’m not talking spoiling him all the time but there are a few shining moments throughout the year that isn’t his birthday, Valentine’s Day, our anniversary or Christmas. These times are when I’m away from home at conferences or trips and he’s fully invested in our kids. When I say fully invested, I actually mean no showers cause he doesn’t want to leave them alone. Mamas, we all know that taking a shower is a luxury. See, I didn’t even say a long shower cause you know. I got home from a recent conference, the one he explicitly told me not to bring home any more swag bags – I laughed cause we all know that doesn’t happen! So I get home with bags and bags of stuff for women. Sorry bruh! He gave me a sad face cause he wants bath products too. He wants to smell good. He wants to take long showers. But wants to smell manly.

Aw pobrecito (poor baby in Spanish)

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My Thinning Hair Update

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#MoreIsBeautiful raisedbyculture.comMy hair is such a touchy subject with me and really, the only complaint I have about my physical self is my thinning hair. I always felt there was nothing I could do because I wasn’t born with better hair (and doomed in general from birth) and it was just getting worse. Even worse, I hated talking about it because I was in denial and I didn’t want to stress over it. But back in November, I wrote about my thicker hair envy and how I finally started Women’s Rogaine. The response and support I received floored me, I didn’t expect anyone to care!

I honestly didn’t know what would happen. Each can of Women’s Rogaine Foam is a 2 month supply, I understand it takes time to regrow hair. I can barely grow basil (the easiest herb) so figured, my hair would be the same. The box mentions that results may occur at 3 months with once daily use. For some women, it might take 6 months before you see results. I gave myself 4 months since the box had two cans.

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New Year, New Lashes at MinuteClinic

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#HealthYourself raisedbyculture.comThank you MinuteClinic for sponsoring today’s post! #HealthYourself

New Year, New Lashes! That’s the kinda life I want to live in 2015. See, I was actually a late bloomer when it came to makeup. My mama never wore makeup so I learned makeup from music videos (back when music video channels actually played music videos) and friends in high school. My focus was on my eyes; my eyeliner had to be on point and I wanted my eyelashes to look good. That was back in the 90s when that was basically all you needed. Now though, lashes to the limit! Not a fan of fake lashes but always on the hunt for something more… I first heard about LATISSE® (an at-home treatment that can give you longer, fuller and thicker lashes) a few years ago from a friend but had no desire to see a doctor to get a prescription. Uh, just a little intimidating and awkward! But not anymore! I’m excited to announce MinuteClinic is offering eyelash lengthening consultation services!!!

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How I Stay Forever Young

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No one believes me when I say my oldest son will be attending college next fall. I will be turning the big 4-0 next year (I say that proudly!) and maybe I can thank good genes, but I’d like to think my choices in life helped me looking and feeling forever young. The secret is to take care of you! I work hard at my self-care routine and want to share my top 5 things I do to stay forever young:

  • Water is your BFF. Seriously, we go hand in hand. You should be drinking 2.2 liters per day; your body needs it. Calorie-free and readily available, go ahead and indulge in the drink! Dehydration is not your friend; not enough water intake makes your skin look dry and wrinkled.
  • Get rid of the toxicity. Those “friends” or family that are always bringing you down – they gotta go. Just like we watch what we put in our bodies, toxic friends and family members are bad for your soul.
  • Take care of your skin. You only get one. There is nothing like hearing that to believe it. Once upon a time, I took an anatomy class in my older years and there is nothing like an aha moment when the professor said it.You can lock moisture into your skin by using a moisturizer. My favorite is Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream. It makes me feel fresh and beautiful!
  • Dream and make your dreams come true. This goes back to getting rid of the toxicity. Your dreams are yours; do not allow anyone to tell you different. Dreaming is good for the soul; it gives you life.  There is no better power to being forever young!
  • Feed the fun. Relax, have fun. When you stress, it speeds up the aging process. What is your idea of fun? I love window shopping for shoes. It is an instant stress reliever for me, even if I don’t buy a pair.
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Thicker Hair Envy, I Got It.

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#MoreIsBeautiful raisedbyculture.comI was cursed with super fine hair. I got it from my mama, she has super fine hair too. It wasn’t a big deal to me when I was a kid but I knew it bothered her. She made an appointment for me to get a perm the minute I turned 13. It will give your hair volume, she said. You’ll have thicker hair. I can’t remember if I liked it or not, I do look back at old pictures and laugh. And when I got older, I decided I was done with curls and wanted to experiment with color. I did red, black and blonde through the years. Blonde was definitely my color but I hated maintaining it!  Fast forward to this year, my hair loss is so much more visible and I absolutely hate it. I shouldn’t be experiencing this, curse you genetics!

This is where I show you how I “hide” my balding in pictures…

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Refresh Your Back To School Routine

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Disclosure: This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

Back to school is overwhelming and expensive for parents. Preparing and shopping after having 2 months off is work. Getting the kids back on schedule is work. This year is special for our family – we have a senior that will be graduating next June!

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My Man’s Smooth Summer

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#SmoothSummer raisedbyculture.comI can’t believe its almost August.  My family has been a well-oiled go machine since the beginning of this smooth Summer.  It has all been a delicious blur of fun.  Now we’re just being lazy, kicking back at home, relaxing.  Letting the kids make toy messes in the living room, me not putting on my face and Chris… not shaving.  I tease him that he’s letting himself go when he doesn’t shave. I pull out the why can’t you look smooth like Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby and he counters with why can’t you look like Beyonce.  We joke around like that.  It’s funny and keeps our marriage alive.

All jokes aside, my man looks good.  I can’t resist pampering him and that means splurging on a good shaver.  Every man needs a shaver, make it a good one.  He suggests Gillette Fusion ProgIide with new Flexball!  I asked him what his beauty regimen, I mean routine is because I really wanted to know.  I never took into consideration what he has to do to get ready for me.

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Stepping Outside My Beauty Comfort Zone For The Holidays #MKholidaylooks


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mary Kay® and Conde Nast.  All opinions are my own.
Mary Kay Flapper Chic

I was a tomboy.  Girly things and makeup didn’t come naturally to me.  It was awkward because I heard stories of my mama being a beauty queen (without makeup!) and remember her gorgeous long hair…  I remember the first time I ever tried on makeup, I was 15 years old, my family was out shopping and one of Madonna’s music videos came on MTV and I wanted to try eyeliner.  After almost poking my eye out, I got it on and I was so excited to show it off.  This was back in the days where cordless phones were in so I had to wait till my folks got home to show off my “look”.  The humor in this is my parents were totally strict and I wasn’t the type to share with them but I’m not sure if it was my excitement or they finally felt I was getting into girly things that they went along with it, maybe they laughed, I don’t know… I didn’t let anything ruin my first attempt at makeup.

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