I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual

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I checked Twitter for receipts and damb, I been down with Luvvie since way back. 2010 to be exact. She wrote a letter to Kat Stacks + I was an instant fan. Let’s be real, Luvvie is rare + her storytelling is refreshing. She tells it like it is and filters for no one. She has fun with her audience. That was something I struggled with. The first few conferences I went to pushed conforming in order to make money in this industry. To do things their way, to take perfect pictures…And then she said the opposite at a conference last year and like that, I went back to being me. 

Luvvie is successful because she got something called charisma. Or for you youngsters, swag. Homegirl is dripping swag. She does this thing where us readers are included in the process. She talks to us and not at us. Her first book, I’m Judging You, is already a New York Times Bestseller. Homegirl is a damb NY Times bestselling author! She can also floss getting listed in Oprah Winfrey’s inaugural Supersoul 100 list and was honored as the 2016 Influencer of the Year at the Iris Awards. She makes it look easy. This thing called writing. 

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#BlogLuv Valentine Exchange



I was so happy to participate in a Valentine Exchange this year!  Anything that gives me an opportunity to stalk, I mean to find out more about a friend is fun!  My amiga Ruby and I arranged the swap – her daughter pulled names and I got the very lovely Ezzy!  Talk about inspiring and beautiful – the first thing I noticed about Ezzy is her love for literature.  I used to get lost in books when I was a teenager.  I would buy or borrow 8 books at a time.  My ritual was to lock myself in my room for the weekend, lay in my closet and get lost for a few hours at a time.  I feasted on marathon reading.  Called a nerd by family and friends, I didn’t care.  I buy books when I’m out thrifting, I am growing a cute little collection but reading them is another thing.  It is almost impossible but I still believe in print.

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#talesfromthethrift What I Didn’t Buy


My husband’s work schedule has been crazy lately and he’s back in school for Spring semester so we haven’t been thrifting as much as I’d like.  He had the day off and we decided to take a peek.  These are all the things I didn’t buy but caught my attention!

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‘Tis The Season To Gift Exchange Part II


You know that saying, “the right place at the right time” – thats how I kinda felt that this gift exchange happened.  I was checking out my Instagram when I saw bellandpistol arranging a book & ornament swap for something like 20 followers.  I added my email and made the cut!  Korey (bellandpistol) emailed us asking for the little one’s name, address, age and titles of 3 books on their wish list.    The limit for the whole gift exchange was $20 minimum, $25 max!  Done deal!  I emailed our info with these titles:   Dragons Love Tacos, My Abuelita and Hello, Rock

And we had to include info on our kid, sweet!  The cool thing is that the little we were sending to wouldn’t be the one we would be receiving from.  I totally forgot to take a picture of what we gave before I wrapped!  I impressed myself with that ribbon cause I suck at creativity!  Looks great on Pinterest but not when I try haha
We received from ohdearmama and it is such a lovely, lovely package!  Duke loved everything about it!
He really adores these drawings with information on all the kids!  They are so cute too!  We learned a lot about their family!
And this book is funny!  I read it to him and Omieoso and they loved it!

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‘Tis The Season To Gift Exchange Part I


We participated in TWO very fun gift exchanges this year!!!  I really love doing this with the kids, it teaches them about giving.  You want well-rounded kids, show them the many, many ways they can give.

Tee and I decided on a book, ornament and drawing exchange for Teagan & Duke.  We met up one Sunday afternoon at Hollywood Farmers Market and hung out for a couple hours.  The kids hung out with a goat, had a jam session mini concert, we ate coconut cake from the Thai vendor, sampled fresh squeezed orange juice, apples, grapes, oh my!  It was fun!  We’re very blessed to know The B family!

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