The Great American Milk Drive

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My home runs on milk. We only function with the important ingredients in life, you know… cheese, ice cream, milk, butter. My toddler can’t even get through the morning without a cup of milk. I just can’t picture life without dairy so imagine how shocked I was to find out that it is considered a luxury for some. I had to join California Dairy Families and the Great American Milk Drive to help those in need. In fact, to help those who need nutritious California milk, California’s more than 1,400 dairy farm families have pledged $100,000 in matching milk donations to the Great American Milk Drive – equal to 20,000 gallons or 320,000 servings of milk – through the end of the year. People can donate one gallon of milk for just $5 at $100,000 of total California milk donations made by the end of the year will be matched by California Dairy Families. Enter your zip code and donations will help your local California food bank.

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Freedom For Adventures

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#cambioconfiable raisedbyculture.comYou need a car living in California, at least I know we do. It is pivotal to our daily freedom. It opens the door to everything. It is the key for adventures. We are always out and about doing things. My state makes it easy like that. There is no shortage of fun, we have museums, beaches, mountains, everything! Sunday Fundays are my favorite, I take the day off from work and enjoy my familia. Traffic to LA is almost non-existent and we make a day out of exploring new places and revisiting our usual hangout spots. My next favorite are staycations and road trips, that’s real freedom for adventures.

Does your car make you happy? There’s no question we love having a sweet ride to take us to all the fun things. And you know we’re all about fun! Chris is on it when it comes to Quaker State oil changes, almost like a monthly spa day for your car!!!
Our first car selfie together. I’m not sure why it took so long!

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Husbands of Bloggers Comic #3

When your husband tries to tell you not to bring home swag bags…

Raise your hand if this is a problem. Don’t be embarrassed. We are out here and we can start a support group. I always go to events and blogger conferences with the intention of not bringing home swag but somehow someway I convince myself that..

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Wash Away Labels By Celebrating Your Heritage

#WashAwayLabels raisedbyculture.comGracias to Tide for giving me the space to share my #WashAwayLabels story as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #TideThat

People are always surprised how nice my husband and I are. How good our sons are. That Chris and I have a higher education (first in our families!) and that we vote. How we don’t have accents and that we actually speak English! True story, I wish I was making that up! We were at a water park and Duke didn’t hear a little girl ask him a question (no offense little girl but he barely hears me sometimes!) and she told her dad to which he responded, “they probably don’t speak English!” My husband was fuming mad and I would’ve been too if I was there when it happened. Please don’t make us uncomfortable with your labels. I wish I could stop with the generalizations and assumptions people have about us but the list of labels goes on and on. It’s sad really, these labels people place on us because of our Hispanic heritage.

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EveryDrop For California

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#EveryDrop raisedbyculture.comThe drought is going on four devastating years. As someone who makes it my business to know the news, I only started paying attention to it last year when I was invited by California Farm Water Coalition on a farm tour and saw firsthand the impact it has on our farms. Talk about eyes wide shut. It wasn’t until actually seeing where the water line should be at the Oroville Dam that it really hit hard. 98% of farms here in California are family owned. If there is no water, there are no crops and no money. I heard horror stories of families losing their farms. I honestly had no idea how much of an impact that trip made until I got home and started taking real inventory at how this drought was affecting all of us. I started to see dying lawns everywhere, noticed the rising cost of food (dairy, meat, cherries) – I made sure to educate family and friends about water usage. Thanks to Scotts® EveryDrop™ I can share how to make the most of available water using these lawn + garden water conservation tips!

  • Morning is Best – if you must water, do it in the morning. Water evaporates in the afternoon before plants can use it and can cause fungus or other diseases int he evening
  • Mow High – grass 3-4 inches long has deep roots to access underground moisture, reducing the need for surface watering
  • Mulch Planting Beds – mulch reduces evaporation and helps retain rainwater
  • Use a Wetting Agent – wetting agents like Scotts® EveryDrop™ is designed to help move water into the soil, consistently and evenly. This helps reduce wasteful runoff and pooling
  • Adjust Sprinklers – avoid watering the sidewalk and driveway
  • Check for Leaks – outdoor faucets, sprinklers and hoses can crack and leak
  • Avoid the Wind – watering on windy days can spray much more than your lawn and garden
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Our First Outdoor Movie

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#popcornpartytime raisedbyculture.comWalking up to US Weekly’s Family Movie Night at The Grove like … is all this popcorn for me? Seriously. My kid saw the Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn cart and I could see the hearts in his eyes. It was a dream come true. A whole table full of fresh popcorn ready for the taking. You can’t see a movie without popcorn. It’s the rules. After we got our popcorn on, we went to see what else we could get into at our first outdoor movie. There were stations for caricatures, face painting, red carpet pictures and games.

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Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn + US Weekly’s Family Movie Night

This post is sponsored by Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn.

Just about everyone in Southern California is back in school or headed back to school this month, and I’m looking to get into epic end-of-summer fun with my family.

One thing we haven’t indulged in yet this summer is a movie, and the boys are overdue. My friends have all been raving about the outdoor-movie experience—it’s big out here. You bring your comfiest blanket and your favorite snacks and drinks, and enjoy a night out with, and under, the stars. I’m totally surprising the boys next week with Orville Redenbacher’s Movies in the Park series, happening across the U.S. this fall! Come check it out—it’s free!

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You The Real MVP, 2016 KIA Sedona


When your parents haven’t been home in 8 years and your mama has made it clear that they are only using their hotel room to sleep, you want to know what they have planned for their weeklong California homecoming. See my parents aren’t your typical 60 year olds, they do thangs. Good things. I love hanging with my folks. They know what’s up. I definitely get my love of food and sense of adventure from them. There was no way our five seat SUV could handle our family + all that fun for a week. My friends at DriveShop never do me wrong and I knew they knew exactly what car we needed. A brand new 2016 KIA Sedona SXL. Nothing but the best for my folks! This is not your mama’s minivan.

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Welcome Home Mama

#GoldPeak #EverydayTogetherness
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I’m ready for some downtime. I knew this year would be crazy with my oldest son entering 12th grade. His senior year took center stage: senior portraits, college applications, prom and finally graduation. Add to our running list of major life events: helping my parents plan their trip out here for his graduation. My parents haven’t been back “home” in California for over 8 years. We went back and forth on flights, hotels and schedule at least 10 times. Let’s just say thank goodness my next one won’t be graduating till 2017. It got rough when I had to commit to working almost non-stop before my family arrived from Texas. All I could see at the end of the tunnel was spending good, quality time with everyone.

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