On a Sunday Afternoon…


Omar turned the big one month yesterday and he was cranky as ever last night…

We think he gets that way when we take him out in the day.  Chris & I have always been busy bees so we figured that we’d take him out every couple of days to get him used to our routine but he’s not having it.  I had to finish my last paper of the Spring Semester (Hallelujah!) by midnight tonight so Chris took Duke out for the day so I could concentrate on “organizational structures” and to give our little baby some quiet time.  It worked like a charm, Omar slept the whole day and I was able to get so much done!
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Loving:  My life.  I finally feel I’m where I need to be.  I can’t explain it in this post so I’ll save it for another one.

Thinking About: Shopping! When I was a teenager I used to hit thrift stores and yard sales like crazy. I didn’t get back into it till last year and it’s been so good to us. Still haven’t made it out to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena and it makes me sad. I can’t stop thinking about the stuff I might find.  It is addicting.

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La Mirada Din Din A Go Go


*moved from my old blog*

the best way to explain din din a go go is by the tagline on their site, “bringing the best food trucks to the best cities every week! ” – C and i usually don’t chase food trucks for a couple reasons… the major one being that some cities aren’t food truck friendly. there is nothing worse than some crazy business owner wanting to shoo the trucks away or a police officer bullying a food truck to leave by using non-existent laws.  these din din a go go weekly locations make it easy for people to check out trucks and enjoy their food.  picture my excitement when i came across a tweet that a local one was opening up this week. we got there and it was buzzing with business!  look at this happy girl (not me)It was packed! first stop is truck norris! filipino + hawaiian food!What can I say, I'm totally partial to Truck Norris sisig taco($3) and short rib taco ($3) were completely yummy. our fave was the short rib taco. the marinade on the ribs were sooo good.  Sisig Taco & Short Rib Taco from Truck Norris we debated getting something from the grill ’em all truck but passed… decided to get some cupcakes from sweet e’s bakeshop. mini cupcakes were $2 each. i chose snickerdoodle, c chose smores and duke chose chocolate chip cookie dough. i wanted a chocolate chip cookie and c wanted a white chocolate rice krispy. our total was $9.25 and that kinda amazed me – i should have bought more!  they were all yummy.  c didn’t even offer me a bite of his! here’s the little one begging for MY cookie. he’s my baby so of course he gets it lolSomeone wanted My Cookie lol the vchos truck was smelling good so we decided to look at the pictures on the truck. it looked so good and we went for a chicken pastelito ($3) and 3 shrimp & potato taquitos ($7) – when c picked up our order, the dude said to break the pastelito in half and put curtido before each bite. wish he gave us more curtido, it was so good!Chicken Pastelito & Curtido from Vchos TruckChicken Pastelito from Vchos Truck the grilled shrimp and potatoes taquitos are so freakin’ GOOD.  seriously. Shrimp & Potato Taquitos from Vchos TruckShrimp & Potato Taquitos from Vchos Truck smart people brought their own portable chairs and tables, others opened the backs of their trucks or ate off the hoods of their cars. we decided to get one last thing from truck norris before we took off… the won-tonutella ($2) – it was glorious. i could probably make this. i will probably make this.  sidebar: it was probably 8pm when we ordered this and the short rib tacos were sold out already.  so if you want ’em, go early!Nutella Won Ton from Truck Norris and our cheeseball.  yep, he’s our dork. Our Cheeseball. this is an awesome idea so big props to the brains behind din din a go go. it’s really community & small business building. this is what works and i hope parents take their kids, parents, neighbor’s kids to these type of FREE events. share new and celebrate old culture! LA MIRADA DIN DIN A GO GO @ LOWE’S PARKING LOT 14873 Carmenita Road La Mirada, CA 90650 (Carmenita Exit right off the 5N) Every Friday from 5:30-9pm Follow them on Twitter @LaMiradaDDaGG i think the trucks change every week so check twitter before you head out.  other trucks in attendance tonight were: white rabbit, grill ’em all, cheeseball wagon, slap yo mama, lomo arigato, tino’s pizza, breezy freeze if you are looking for something else to do in the area, santa fe springs swap meet is also open on friday nights from 5-11pm and is only 1.1 miles from lowe’s!

since writing this, la mirada din din a  go go has changed to la mirada dine n dash – from what i’ve read, din din a go go is still in place in certain cities.

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Tacos San Pedro


*moved from my old blog* 

we’ve passed this place a million times but it looked like a bad, BAD hole in the wall.  the area it’s in is pretty sketchy too so that was another negative.  it always looks busy so i should’ve listened to the food network host inside me and given it a chance.  we went on saturday after an adventure at the cypress college swap meet – the tables were all taken and there was a mix of different cultures enjoying lunch.  i chalked it up to another positive sign of good food. i wanted carnitas with rice & beans but didn’t see it on the menu so C asked if they could do that type of plate, yes.  C ordered a carne asada burrito with a side of rice and we decided to split a can of coke.  our total was about $14 and some change.  we went to stand near the door to wait for our order when a table opened up and we grabbed it, 10 minutes later our number was called and our plates looked SOOO GOOD.  the mexican rice was so good, orange in color and full of flavor – it was so fresh too.  the beans were just as good.  my carnitas were tender and not old, greasy or charred like i’ve had at other places.  i don’t mind burnt ends but this was without, it was excellent.  C loved the rice too, we couldn’t stop talking about it.  his burrito was huge and full of carne asada, they don’t skimp on meat.  the carne asada looked fresh too – the way all food should be. i have been craving tacos san pedro since last week but we haven’t been back.  i guarantee you more trips will be in the future.  AND if you know me, i usually read yelp reviews before trying a new place out but i didn’t this time – in fact, i just checked yelp before i decided to blog about it and can co-sign the positive reviews. TACOS SAN PEDRO 3240 W. Lincoln Avenue Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 484-0802 Tacos San Pedro. Anaheim, CA

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Angelo’s Burgers


*moved from my old blog*

the best mom & pop burger i’ve ever had is from angelo’s burgers.  C & i came across this place by chance, after leaving our college to check out art supply warehouse.  angelo’s is out of the way from where we live but the burgers are THAT GOOD and worth the drive.  i think the hamburger, fries and drink special we get is $5.29  – they have the usual mom & pop fare like breakfast served all day, mexican food and new york steak dinners for $8.  we have yet to try anything else out because like i said, their burgers are GOOD. we usually go during the week and it’s fairly busy but we went on sunday and it was super busy. lots of families having breakfast in the afternoon and friends just hanging out at the local burger joint. Angelo's. Garden Grove, CAAngelo's. Garden Grove, CAAngelo's. Garden Grove, CA ANGELO’S BURGERS 11511 Westminster Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92843 (714) 636-0277

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Ice Cream: Neveria La Flor de Mexico


This was originally posted on 9/16/09 at my old blog textdrivebys.com

Stanton is a small city in Orange County to the west of Anaheim and it isn’t known for much.  Other cities in Orange County point at them and laugh.  Well maybe not anymore, there has been a good growth of QUALITY food venues making Stanton their home.  Probably because of cheaper rent. One such establishment is a cute little Mom & Pop ice cream parlor called Neveria la Flor de Mexico.  The pink & white striped walls remind me of old school ice cream shops.  The people running the place are very helpful and friendly.  I had a ton of questions regarding their wide array of flavors and they didn’t treat me like an idiot.  From what I gathered, they make all the ice creams and paletas (ice cream bar) right there. My favorite is Angel’s Kiss (cherry ice cream with almonds, raisins & cherries maybe even marshmallows?).  I also tried coconut pineapple but didn’t really care for the super frozen pineapple bits in it.  Their scoop portions are huge, for my 2 scoops I paid $2.60

Nevaria la Flor de Mexico

7151 Katella AveStanton, CA 90680

(714) 761-2813

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