Holiday Cards Are Our Forever Tradition


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hallmark. The opinions and text are all mine.

Snail mail to my parents and in-laws are everything. Like if you don’t send them a card for the holidays, that means you don’t love them. And maybe you should move out of the country cause it is that serious. The guilt is real. I’m not going to say which of our mothers threw a fit one time cause we were late on a birthday card. She pointed out it was the one thing she looked forward to from her only familia in CA. I promise, we learned that lesson real quick. Apparently a phone call or text doesn’t cut it! We have never made that mistake again.

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Everyday Essentials at Sam’s Club


This special Husbands of Bloggers Comic & #FullHomeHappyHome collaboration is sponsored by Acorn Influence. All thoughts are my own.

My family is never not gonna need paper towels. If there is one thing I’m sure of in life, it is that. No joke, my husband is always on me about keeping ’em in stock, he is obsessed. Buying everyday essentials in stock-up sizes is the only way. Happy to say Sam’s Club is my BFF when it comes to buying quality brands like Bounty, Olay, Swiffer, Febreze and Gain. Especially around the holidays when I’m trying to save money for the fun stuff like gifts + entertaining! Keeping a full home is having a happy home.

This is how serious it is. My husband is so silly with his husbands of bloggers comic strip!

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Christmas At Knott’s Merry Farm


You could go back four years and watch me say the same thing, Knott’s Merry Farm is my favorite time of the year. There is nothing like Christmas at Knott’s Berry Farm. I said in 2012 it was pure magic, our 2nd year of starting new family traditions happened in 2013 and last year, it officially became our family favorite. This year is going to be extra special with my in-laws coming in from TX for a holiday visit. I cannot wait to watch my sons show their abuela and abuelo around.

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3 Diaper Bag Must-Haves For Amusement Park Trips #HuggiesLatino


Disclosure:  This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Huggies.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

My mama used to tell me to do everything in life right the first time so you don’t have to waste time correcting it.  Who knew that years later it would make sense when it came to diapers…  If you choose the right diapers the first time you won’t waste time washing soiled sheets and wet clothes.  I’m bringing this up because we were at Disney California Adventure Park a couple weeks ago and I overheard two different conversations about clothes that got peed on!  Ew!  The worst part of it all – the parents didn’t think to bring an extra set of clothes!  Poor babies having to sit in soggy, smelly clothes! It’s the holiday season, make your life easier with these amusement park tips so you can focus on what really matters! Time with your family!!!

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‘Tis The Season To Gift Exchange Part II


You know that saying, “the right place at the right time” – thats how I kinda felt that this gift exchange happened.  I was checking out my Instagram when I saw bellandpistol arranging a book & ornament swap for something like 20 followers.  I added my email and made the cut!  Korey (bellandpistol) emailed us asking for the little one’s name, address, age and titles of 3 books on their wish list.    The limit for the whole gift exchange was $20 minimum, $25 max!  Done deal!  I emailed our info with these titles:   Dragons Love Tacos, My Abuelita and Hello, Rock

And we had to include info on our kid, sweet!  The cool thing is that the little we were sending to wouldn’t be the one we would be receiving from.  I totally forgot to take a picture of what we gave before I wrapped!  I impressed myself with that ribbon cause I suck at creativity!  Looks great on Pinterest but not when I try haha
We received from ohdearmama and it is such a lovely, lovely package!  Duke loved everything about it!
He really adores these drawings with information on all the kids!  They are so cute too!  We learned a lot about their family!
And this book is funny!  I read it to him and Omieoso and they loved it!

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‘Tis The Season To Gift Exchange Part I


We participated in TWO very fun gift exchanges this year!!!  I really love doing this with the kids, it teaches them about giving.  You want well-rounded kids, show them the many, many ways they can give.

Tee and I decided on a book, ornament and drawing exchange for Teagan & Duke.  We met up one Sunday afternoon at Hollywood Farmers Market and hung out for a couple hours.  The kids hung out with a goat, had a jam session mini concert, we ate coconut cake from the Thai vendor, sampled fresh squeezed orange juice, apples, grapes, oh my!  It was fun!  We’re very blessed to know The B family!

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Send Me Cookies!


I didn’t know what I wanted for Christmas… turns out its cookies.  Homemade cookies from my friend Jessica.  6 varieties.  Made with love.  I know if my mailman knew what was in this package, he would’ve stole it.  My happiness at this package is immeasurable.  She made us magnets and coasters too.  If its the thought that counts, she loves me A LOT.

Don’t buy me stuff.  Make me stuff!
Christmas Package from Jessica
These sugar cookies… nom nom nom!
Christmas Package from Jessica
Chocolate Chip, Sable, Ginger Snap and Lemon Sugar
Christmas Package from Jessica
Oatmeal Raisin didn’t survive the trip… or my husband’s hands!  So good!
Christmas Package from Jessica
My babies!!!
Christmas Package from Jessica
These are amazing pieces of art!  Jessica should totally sell ’em!
Christmas Package from JessicaChristmas Package from JessicaChristmas Package from Jessica

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Give The Gift Of Art #AlphabetPhotography


My husband & I love art.  He happens to be an artist and currently in school as a Fine Arts major.  We’re really picky on how we decorate our home so when the opportunity came up to own a custom piece from Alphabet Photography… I was excited but also a little worried.  I loved the options I saw on their site, their prices are really reasonable but could they live up to our standards?  I had Chris place our order and within a week, our order was here.  The moment I opened the box and pulled out the carefully and thoughtfully wrapped package… I knew it would be love.  Everything from the ribbon to personally addressed card was awesome.  I love little details like that.  It means people truly love what they do and they genuinely care.  It speaks volumes.

Chris, Duke and I were so excited to open the kraft wrap but I was positioned closer to seeing it first and I gasped, “Oh my goodness, It is so beautiful!” Chris begged me to show him already and he was stunned at how fantastic it came out.  He chose our last name in bright Vegas Signage letters in Chocolate Frame with Double Mat and V-Groove.  The prints are so vibrant and eye catching.  The workmanship is excellent.  Our custom piece came signed and dated by Alphabet Photography founder and photographer Jennifer Blakeley. When Chris hung it up in our living room, our 6 month old Omar immediately noticed.  He couldn’t stop looking at it for a few days.

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