#GiveEmRagu Commercial Starring Omie & Duke!


Watch Duke & Omie’s super cute Ragu commercial and then I’ll tell you how to make one too.  Its easy and fun!  

This Holiday Season you can play filmmaker and create your own commercial starring your kids with Ragu’s Give ’em Ragu app on Facebook, iTunes and Google Play.  Inspired by the brand’s Long Day of Childhood campaign, parents select adorable, hilarious or silly photos or videos from mobile phones, Facebook or Instagram, add a title and using that phrase, the app will pair the video with an original Ragu jingle. The video can then be shared with family and friends through Facebook or YouTube, and is a great way to connect and share a laugh.

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You Are Not Snooki.


Duke: Mom someone is knocking
( I answer the door, it’s a box of wine that I have to blog about )
Duke: What is that?
Me: Wine
Duke: What, are you an alcoholic?
Me: What, why?
Duke: When people drink, they turn PSYCHO
Duke: Mom, you have to return it
Me: I have to blog about it
Duke: No. Return it. Daddy is not Pauly D and you are not Snooki
Duke: Serious. If you don’t, you will have to leave our home and I’ll watch Omie.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m dying over here.

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Big Surprise The Day After Election 2012 #NaBloPoMo


Yep, I was bonafide worried that Obama would lose… possibly the cause of my anxiety for the past few months.  But after the networks projected Obama as the winner and Romney finally conceded, I slept so well last night.  And I honestly had no intentions of writing about the election on my blog.  I shared my thoughts on Twitter and my personal Facebook and was going to leave it at that.

And then I found Duke texting Hubby this:  Hi daddy it was awesome last night

Imagine that.  Our 6 year old actually enjoyed the night we had.  It consisted of waiting for Daddy to get home from work at 4:30pm, rush over to our local polling place, head back home to watch the election returns and coverage, wait for Romney’s concession speech and finally hear our 44nd President of the United States Barack Obama’s victory speech.

Don’t underestimate your children.  They have a voice.  Take the time to listen to them.
Election Day 2012
Election Day 2012

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Southern California Day Out With Thomas 2012 & Giveaway


My 6 year old son Duke LOVES Thomas & Friends.  I heard about this tour earlier in the year when a fellow blogger blogged about it so it was on my radar.  We’re excited that the tour is finally here!  I can’t wait to come back and blog all about it!  This is Thomas the Tank Engine’s only trip to Southern California so make sure you see him!  Not only will it be a great time for you and your family but you’ll be helping raise money for Orange Empire Railway Museum!

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My Top 10 Tips for Traveling With Kids #CulturelleKids


tipssMy sons are pros when it comes to traveling.  We travel at least once a year and if we’re lucky, up to 3x.  We fly, we road trip and we have fun!  We haven’t had an unhappy kid yet.  Even after a 24+ road trip so hey, maybe I know a thing or two about traveling with kids!  We have a travel routine that works for us and I’m going to share my tips for keeping your kids happy.
Happy kids = happy parents = more trips!  

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Mother’s Day


I love Mother’s Day! Because I love being a Mom (who wouldn’t with 4 handsome, smart and funny boys) & of course this Mother’s Day is extra special to me because of the recent birth of our last child.

My husband Chris always, always makes it special for me.  It’s not about how much he spends, it’s about the thought he puts into planning.  I’ve told him for years I would rather have paintings, drawings, love notes…

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A week till my due date…

7 days. I can’t believe it’s already here. 39 weeks of being pregnant flew by.

This pregnancy has been full of emotions, I thought my first 2 would be it and then Duke came along and we wanted more. We still want more kids but sadly, I’m knocking on 40’s door (in another 3 years) and financially, we can’t do it. I always wonder how my Grandparents did it, in another time, in another place – they were able to raise 6 kids. That’s not the case these days and it’s sad.
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