The Peanuts Movie Comes To Camp Snoopy


It has been a week since The Peanuts Movie came out. You know how I know? Each passing day that we haven’t seen it, my 9 year old reminds me. He’s a good kid but I’m pretty sure if we don’t see it this weekend, I might get disowned. And I wouldn’t even be mad at him, I raised him on The PEANUTS Gang. With Knott’s Berry Farm + Camp Snoopy being our second home and all. We can’t even drive past the front of the park or behind it without my 3 year old throwing a tantrum. Some days be rough! So imagine getting the chance to meet Charles M. Schulz son + writer-producer Craig Schulz at the park with director Steve Martino and cast of The Peanuts Movie.

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you see a blimp! The Peanuts Movie blimp cruisin’ over Knott’s Berry Farm

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Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn + US Weekly’s Family Movie Night

This post is sponsored by Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn.

Just about everyone in Southern California is back in school or headed back to school this month, and I’m looking to get into epic end-of-summer fun with my family.

One thing we haven’t indulged in yet this summer is a movie, and the boys are overdue. My friends have all been raving about the outdoor-movie experience—it’s big out here. You bring your comfiest blanket and your favorite snacks and drinks, and enjoy a night out with, and under, the stars. I’m totally surprising the boys next week with Orville Redenbacher’s Movies in the Park series, happening across the U.S. this fall! Come check it out—it’s free!

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How To Throw An Epic Avengers Party

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#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comMy life is a daily series of BAM! POW! HULK SMASH! I’m not saying it because I’m complaining, I’m just saying. I love being a mom of boys. We live for adventures. My littles are super excited about MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we haven’t been to the movies in forever and every time the commercial comes on, they go crazy. Absolutely crazy! The last shopping trip to Walmart triggered even more insanity cause it is Avengers everywhere!!! There is even an app called Super Heroes Assemble that you can use in the store – you just look for MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron displays, scan and unlock the features of the app! (Read more about the app here)

Seeing all of MARVEL’s The Avengers on bags and boxes up and down the aisles in the food department, the rad toy display…I totally promised I’d throw them an epic watch party. Which one is your favorite: Iron Man 1, 2, 3; Captain America 1 & 2; Thor 1 & 2; The Incredible Hulk, or MARVEL’s The Avengers.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comWalmart hack: Custom order cupcakes. Easier than having to deal with cake (you’ll need a knife to cut the cake, plates and forks – why hassle?) These were only $6 for a dozen. Red, white and blue nod to Captain America!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comProtect the snack table, Thor!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comEasy party decor hack: Find a cheap vase, throw in MARVEL’s The Avengers branded snacks and use Iron Man as a prop.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comFood hack: Buy a few pepperoni pizzas, rearrange the pepperonis to make it look like the A in MARVEL’s The Avengers. The kids thought this was super cool.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comScience hack: Green gelatin in faux petri dishes. Before the gelatin sets, add a Hulk fruit snack. Insta-Hulk Blood!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comDIY hack: My crafty husband painted these incredible buildings from my vision. Another kids favorite. They climbed in and out of the “buildings”, we taped them up so they could stack them like a skyscraper and let them Hulk smash them and Thor hammer ’em. Hours of fun. Best idea I’ve had!
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comThe kids were absolutely amused with the buildings.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comEveryone wanted to be Hulk.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comSophie wanted to be Hulk.
#AvengersUnite Raisedbyculture.comLily wanted to be Hulk.

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Celebrate Cantinflas


#CantinflasMovie raisedbyculture.comSometimes you get caught up in life that you forget to consciously schedule time for fun.  Or you schedule fun in but you flake. I’ll admit, I have my days. But August is my birthday month and with Leo season in full effect, I wanted to do thangs and cross things off my life list. I was stoked to get an invite from Latina Bloggers Connect to check out a private screening of Cantinflas and lunch at Loteria Grill.

A memory that I owe to Cantinflas is hanging out at a friends house when I was a kid and watching with her grandma. Her grandma didn’t speak English, I didn’t speak Spanish. But I quickly caught on how Cantinflas is for everyone, he is universal. I found myself watching all kinds of shows after that. Indie & foreign films, he opened a new world for me. Cantinflas taught me that you don’t need to know a language or be of a culture to understand the message and you need to learn to laugh at yourself and with yourself.

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Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler Talk Blended



Traveling to LA from San Diego is no joke, but when I was given the opportunity to attend a screening of the new romantic comedy, Blended, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, I jumped at the chance.  As a single mom, the film resonated with me as soon as I heard about it. Dating as a single parent was not fun and came with a whole new set of challenges I was sure this amazing on-screen couple could pull off in a comedic, yet realistic way. And, they did. For sure.

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Peter Pan Diamond Edition With Never-Before-Seen & Never-Before-Heard Features!

Peter Pan Diamond Edition hit the shelves yesterday and I was very excited to share the original story with Duke.  There is just something so fun about The Darlings flying with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to  Never Land.  One of my favorite bedtime stories!
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Are You A Changemaker?

I don’t know anyone in my life that grew up wanting to change the World, sometimes it just happens.  That is the beauty of life… you get to choose if you want to step up or step out.  I was always a rebel because of the spark of knowledge my papa gave me at a young age.  If I didn’t agree with something a teacher said, I would question it.  In my adult life, I have never been worried about sharing my opinion and if I felt something was off, I would take action.  There are several events in my life that I’m proud to have been a changemaker – participating in National Day of Protest on 10/22 and being involved in contract negotiations with my Union and my employer.  Some would say blame it on the music, I blame it on the fire inside.  Are you a CHANGEMAKER?  
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This Is Our LA #LoveThisCity


There are a million ways to do Los Angeles and having lived in Southern California for over 26 years, I hate to admit that there are still things I haven’t seen, done or ate yet!  That is the beauty of this city, everyone has a different, priceless version!  There is always an adventure, I love this city!

Family and friends from out of state have visited California over the years and we always play tour guide.  We love playing tour guide, I think we’re awesome at it.  One of our ways to do LA and my favorite is our traditional Sunday Funday – we start off at the Hollywood Farmers Market, order lunch from one of the many vendors, grab a spot on a community table and just enjoy the beauty in the food and people.  Checking out music, sampling fruits and getting fresh squeezed orange juice are other farmers market musts.  Sometimes we peek in at the shops at Space 15 Twenty which is right next to the market.  There’s an Urban Outfitters and one Sunday Funday we saw Mr. Brainwash looking at a pair of Adidas.  Random, right?  Next door is Hennessey + Ingalls – an incredible bookstore with amazing titles.  Across the street is Amoeba Music, one of the last standing music stores!  One afternoon we lucked out and watched Peanut Butter Wolf spin a live set.  The area is also known for Nike Montalbán, Iguana Vintage, The Pantages Theatre, W Hollywood, Katsuya.

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