5 Surprising Menu Items @ The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s


Disclosure:  We partnered with McDonald’s.  All thoughts are my own.

McD's Orlando, FL

I do my research when we travel.  I want to find the best places to eat at, if there are any roadside attractions, good thrifting spots… I like to get a good idea of where we’re going.  When I was prepping for Family Forward, I was shocked to find that there are 25 Themed McDonald’s in Orlando, FL.  Yes 25!!!  I knew there was no way we’d be able to check out all 25 so we decided on visiting The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s & PlayPlace.  I had no idea how massive it would be or how extensive the menu is.  My bigs could not decide what they wanted to eat.  I asked them what were the 5 most surprising menu items were and here are their thoughts:

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California Pizza Kitchen Challenge: Feed A Family Of 6 For $75


Disclosure: We partnered with California Pizza Kitchen.  All thoughts are my own.

Our last day in Orlando was spent indoors because it was stormy.  A little rain never bothered us but at some points it was really pouring down hard with thunder and lightning.  We finally ventured out for dinner at Mall at Millenia – the kids love seeing a little bit of home when we travel.  Familiar restaurants and stores are always appealing to them, it makes them feel comfy.  One thing they did notice is that there are an unusually large number of nods to California, especially at the Orlando Premium Outlets – so many souvenir California shirts, the Vans store… so when they saw California Pizza Kitchen they wanted to eat there.  I was all for it because I wanted to enjoy healthier options and have a sit down dinner on our last night in Florida.  The budget was $75 before tax and tip.  Do you think we made our budget?  

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We’re Going To Orlando For #FamilyForward


Family Forward

Two more sleeps and we’ll be heading to Orlando, FL for Family Forward.  Yep, all 6 of us.  It will be our first real family vacation.  We’ve gone on trips before but mainly to visit family and I don’t think our staycations really count.  I can’t express via text how excited we are.  Just take my word for it.  The trip itself was a hard sell to my husband because we were initially planning on going on a road trip to Austin, TX to meet up with our families but I convinced him that our family needed to do this.

We had a general idea of the schedule and sponsors so it was a big leap of faith for us to secure our family pass and book our flights.  And earlier this week, the schedule, speakers and sponsors were finally announced and I am blown away at what’s in store!  But like I said, I had faith.  The ugly truth (& somewhat of a downside) to blogging is that sometimes events aren’t family friendly.  There are some things that should be experienced together as a family.  Most press trips are out of the question for the whole family so for a unique social media influencer conference to be totally geared towards families is dreamy!

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