Finding Our Way On The Holidays.


My husband loves the holidays.  When I met him, I was at a point in my life where the holidays were just ehhh.  I mainly did ’em for the kids.  He made me fall in love with Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas.  With a deep love for these special days, we don’t have traditions.  Sometimes we celebrate Valentine’s Day the day before or the day after and we’re okay with that.  We never have a set plan for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas either.  We have ideas in mind but thats about it.  Its not that we’re spontaneous because we are both planners by nature but I think its because our families are in Texas and we just leave it up in the air and try new things.  We’re still finding our way.

This Christmas we’ll be doing it “A Christmas Story” style.  Lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant.  No duck.  No turkey.  No roast.  I’m excited about it.  We’re thinking about venturing up to LA.  One of the best things about living in Southern California is that we cater to tourists.  Disneyland is open.  Area hotels have restaurants that are open.  Chinatown is open.  The Lakers always play on Christmas so LA Live is bound to be open. (I tried to confirm via Twitter but haven’t heard back)  And of course movie theaters are open on Christmas.

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Start The New Year With Your Family At Knott’s


One of my favorite New Years memories with the kids is driving home on the 5 Freeway, the clock on our dashboard turning Midnight and like magic, immediately seeing the fireworks from Knott’s.  It is something the kids will remember forever.  Knott’s Berry Farm has helped us create some amazing memories this year so its only fitting to finish out this wonderful year by spending New Years there!  

Knott’s  Berry  Farm  will  have  something  for  the  entire  family   this  New  Year’s  Eve  with  a  variety  of  dance  music,  a  family  friendly  comedian   magician,  Clueless  Remix  Featuring  DJ  Resso  and  a  trip  back  to  the  ‘70’s  with  Elton   John  –  The  Early  Years.  All  this  plus  Knott’s  rides,  attractions  and  a  Midnight   Mayhem  Fireworks  Show  in  Calico  Square  will  make  Knott’s  New  Year’s  Eve   celebration  the  place  to  ring  in  2013.

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Santa Will Be At Macy’s Santa Ana Mainplace Mall Tonight!


Join Macy’s for festive holiday fun when Virginia, Macy’s Santa and his entourage of elves roll into town on their magical holiday tour bus! Hear Virginia’s story as she crosses the country with Santa, then tell Santa what’s on your wish list. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the moment, as the Big Man is only at Macy’s for a limited time, so catch him while you can!

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